Why Home Care May Be A Better Option Than A Care Home

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Some people get confused about the difference between the terms care home and home care. It is easy to understand why this might be the case, but they are very different types of service provision. Many people hear the term ‘home care‘ and immediately think of residential care homes. When it comes to a caring provision in the UK, home care simply means receiving care from a care provider in your own home. Although there are certainly many people who receive great care in residential care homes, the fact is that home care can be a better choice for many reasons. Depending on your circumstances, why might you choose to receive in-home care rather than go into a care home?

Stay in Your Own Home

Our homes are often our major assets. If you want to retain yours – assuming you are an owner-occupier, of course – then you will be able to do so with the right care package. Perhaps you will need help to adapt it to changing needs, such as making it more friendly to wheelchair usage or installing a stairlift? Whatever your needs are, meeting them in your own home can often feel like it is the best option, especially if you want to continue living close to friends, family, and neighbors.

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Obtain the Support You Need

The level of support you can obtain in your own home will match or even exceed that of residential care homes. According to one home care provider in Essex, Anglian Care, paying care workers properly and allowing them sufficient time to do a good job while providing some human contact is key to successful in-home care. Many people only require help at certain times of the day or for specific things. In such cases, full residential care may be going overboard. With home care your care plan can be altered as and when circumstances demand, thereby allowing you to go on living in your home for longer and getting the best value care for your needs.

Enjoy Respite Care for a Break

Sometimes it is not just the person being cared for who can benefit from respite care support. It can be their main carer, too. If you or your loved one needs a break for a holiday, or to get some time to themselves, then respite care is a great option to have. It helps to maintain care but also means both the main carer and the care recipient get a mental break from one another, too.

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Live More Independently

Care homes can be restrictive. Even if your care package is highly individualized, it may be that mealtimes occur at certain times and you have to share a common area with others, for example. When you live in your own home, supported by visiting care workers, you will be able to go about living much more independently than would be the case in nearly all residential care homes. You might need support to do certain things but continue to do others for yourself. If so, why leave the home you know and love?

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