9 reasons why online games have become so popular

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Games have always been a source of entertainment for people of all ages. Long before digitalization, we used to bond with friends over games such as Chess, Carom, Uno cards, or Monopoly. The limited-time we spent playing used to be the highlight of the day.

Online games are the modification of traditional gaming by creating a virtual version of almost every game that we used to play physically. The trend entered the mainstream in the 1990s when the use of the internet was adopted on a mass scale. And, ever since online gaming shifted to mobile phones in 2007, there is no looking back.

The Virtual Capitalist reveals that in 2019, mobile gaming produced 45% of the total online gaming revenue, making it the largest segment in online gaming. It also said that as many as 2.4 billion people played online games in the last year. 

From young kids to the elderly looking for some fun time, online games have hooked many people. They provide an escape from the monotonous routine of life and keeps evolving to keep players’ interest intact.

Below, we will discuss the reasons for the predominance of online games. Let’s look into what factors are making it increasingly popular.

Online games stretch over many genres, offering an abundant variety.

A wide assortment of online games is probably the prime reason for its popularity. Games are being developed across multiple genres like warcraft action games, learning, strategy games, or role-play, giving the players a massive choice.

Platforms like A games, Unlimited Gamez Mo, and Steam keep introducing new games to their vast library and update the previous ones regularly. This, in turn, provides players with an even wide array of exciting games than ever.

Even the games that are considered the pioneers in online gaming are still going strong due to the regular updating factor, which lets them enjoy fresh content in a familiar game.

From simple games to highly strategic ones, there is something for everyone when it comes to online games.

Fewer barriers to entry

Online games are highly accessible. You just have to be online on your desktop or download a game on your mobile to start playing. The whole online gaming phenomenon is designed on the principle of accessibility as barriers like fitness levels or specific skills repel players.

You can play the games from anywhere as long as you have a device and internet connection available, like playing a quick round of Scrabble while waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

The challenging aspect of games hooks the players

The initial levels of almost all games are designed in a way that unskilled players can quickly master them. But when they get the hang of it and start playing it regularly, the levels become increasingly challenging.

Depending upon the player’s enthusiasm, the game becomes more interesting as the challenges become harder to attain. (we all have seen a perplexed Candy Crush player desperate to get past a level, isn’t it?)

Whatever the complexity of the challenge might be, players become determined to play it repeatedly and discuss it with friends who also get interested in playing the game.

People love fantasy, which the games offer

We all love watching movies and unique content on Netflix and Amazon, which takes us into another world. There is something about fantasy that attracts the entertainment-hungry audience like a magnet. However, you are just a mere viewer when you are watching these films and shows.

With online games, you become a part of whatever is happening. For instance, if an intruder comes into your territory, you fight him yourself. You who become the savior and decide, giving a personal touch to the same fantasy that you crave.

An example of the power of fantasy is Minecraft, a highly popular game where players enjoy building virtual houses, castles, etc.

Lower penalties and the player-friendly nature of games attract players

Online games are risk-free arenas. This means that even if your fictional character dies, he will resurrect by completing a few easy tasks. Certain games offer new lives or just deduct a few points when you make a mistake.

Mostly the games available online are very player friendly, offering multiple times of help and hints to help the player win the game. The interface is also easy to use, allowing users of any skill level to play effortlessly.

Subscription-based games are available at a significantly less cost.

Online games are mostly available in freemium, subscription-based, or app purchasing form. The freemium games require you to ace a certain level or watch ads in order to proceed, whereas purchasing a game is a bit costly.

The best option among them is subscribing to a gaming platform that offers a wide variety in exchange for a significantly less subscription fee. The benefit of this is that not just you, but your whole family can enjoy playing games appropriate for their age.

Research from SuperData proves that 29% of gamers now pay a monthly subscription for a game service.

Futuristic technologies enhance the gaming experience

Continuously evolving technology has seeped into online gaming as well. Players demand smart functions and an even better experience, which is made possible with the emerging Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

The ever-popular Pokemon Go used Augmented Reality and got very popular due to the fantastic experience it provides.

AI is also being introduced in many games, which will take the already flourishing Online gaming industry to the next level. The game will soon predict what you want to play next or what answer you will give to a particular question.

Great rewards offered

The reward part is the most fun part, right?

Games offer many perks to a good player in the form of keys, extra lives, and unique elements to help you advance the game’s stages. The option of getting something, even if virtual, is very appealing for those who love to play. They are willing to work hard to earn a reward.

Ability to interact with people from different backgrounds

Whether as an opponent or a part of your team in a multiplayer game, you get a choice to socialize with people from all over the world. This can be very exciting as social interaction helps you learn more.

It is such a thrill to compete against an opponent to finish a particular goal. As you know, somewhere, someone will be willing to play the game with you, you can fulfil your wish to play an online game even at odd hours. Plus, as the opponent may be of any age group, the game becomes more challenging and fun.

Final Word

Online games are popular mainly due to fun, and the boost in technology adds exciting features to modify usual playing.

The thought process of a person gets triggered with unique challenges, and he anticipates finding a solution. It is a much better option to keep your brain working than lying idle and watching TV. All these factors add up to why online games are so prevalent in today’s world.

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