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Why ‘Thanksgiving Day’ is celebrated, today must tell people ‘Thank you’

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November Every Year. The day began in 1621 in the United States of America. Although some historians say that this day was first celebrated in Florida in the year 1565, some believe that it started first in Canada in the year 1578.

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Pumpkin, cranberry (gooseberry), corn and potatoes are very important to be present in this Day’s party dinner. According to American beliefs, the first ‘Thanksgiving Day’ was celebrated in 1621 by the Pilgrim Fathers. He was from Europe but Settled in the United States. After doing his first successful farming here, he gave his neighbors a party to say Thanks. Which became known as ‘Thanksgiving day’.

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In 1789, George Washington made an official announcement to celebrate this day at the national level. Since then, people celebrate this day as a national festival.

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