Why Vacant Land In The U.S. Is A Good Investment

Currently, the United States has around 1.9 billion acres of unused land. The government, along with many private property investors believe that this space provides a fantastic investment potential for the country, the economy, and for society as a whole. Developing vacant land creates employment opportunities, residential housing, and business and retail space that’s much needed in many states.

Changing Trends In Investment

Real estate investment normally entails companies seeking out property development projects and pouring money into these developments to reap dividends down the line. However, investment and development in the real estate industry do not always have to follow this trend. Many investors now see vacant land as a great way to invest and make money in the future.

Potential For Increased Returns

According to Nasdaq, one of the reasons that buying vacant land presents good potential for a return on investment is that land is an asset that always appreciates in value. As the population of the country continues to grow and the demand for housing continues to skyrocket, owning vacant land will undoubtedly present opportunities for development deals down the line.

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Maximizing Investment Opportunities

The possibilities vacant land offers are myriad and are often unique, depending on the land’s size or location. As space becomes an increasing issue in the US, property developers are seeking out the owners of vacant land and offering large sums of money to develop the space. In some cases, the space is ready for development, while in others there’s more work required before the land is suitable for use. This can impact the return on investment and highlights the importance of land clearing.

Paving The way For Development

Land clearing is an essential part of all development projects; cleared land allows developers, architects, and landscapers a clear overview of the terrain and highlights any potential health or construction hazards. The cost of land clearing in the United States stands at around $2 per square foot of land cleared, so the costs can become considerable.

Ongoing Land Developments In Iowa

Iowa has been identified as a state with a large portion of undeveloped land that’s ripe with potential. Local governments and property developers are now planning to develop large swathes of this land to generate income for the economy and tackle problems such as homeless and poverty. To date, over 60 small communities in Iowa have been granted $20 million to develop and provide housing, especially in the downtown areas within these small communities. The money will be provided via the American Rescue Act, which was signed by President Biden back in 2021.


Working Towards Economic Recovery

The type of residential projects underway in Iowa are just one example of how the United States can make proper economic and societal use of vacant, unused land in the country. By focusing on creating new developments on vacant lots the chance to bolster the economy and create new job opportunities increases all the time.

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