Why You Should go for PMI-ACP Certification Over Other Agile Certification?

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Main Reasons to get a PMI-ACP® Certification:

  • Agile is a new, simpler, and meaningful approach from the software industry meant to eliminate the complicated old business techniques. Hence the significance of the PMI-ACP® Certification exam which will prepare you for the latest challenges in the software field and in business initiatives. The PMI-ACP® certification offers benefits mainly because of three reasons – Career options, high salary and higher job positions.
  • Most of the work executed on a large scale is specifically based on change projects, the structure and format of which are always evolving with time.
  • Due to a shortage of professionals who completely understand Agile accurately and are able to apply the Agile principles in the current Project Management sense. Candidates who already have a better understanding of Agile methodologies as Project Managers, PMI-ACP certification offers a platform to demonstrate their capabilities.
  • The Agile community is growing day by day and companies all around the globe have begun to implement Agile methodology at a rapid pace to execute change projects in a dynamic environment.
  • PMI-ACP® is one of the few designations which surpasses the methodological boundaries, focusing on various principles related to Scrum.  Agile framework is a meaningful framework that is a collection of different methods such as Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban, Crystal Clear, DSDM, and many more.
  • Most companies tend to use multiple or a blend of these methodologies so the PMI-ACP® certification offers a more informative coverage of essential tools, skills and knowledge areas.
  • This certification requires demonstration of real-life experience with Agile practices and practical knowledge.

In most of the organizations, PMI certified professionals are given the best position so as to bring some standardization and improvement within the organization. PMI ACP Online Training will help you prepare for your certification exam.

Achieving the PMI-ACP certification plays a crucial role in the growth of your professional life. It showcases your employers the level of proficiency you acquire in Agile practices that are required in project management, growths of your professional handling in tools and techniques for project management, helping you learn about different Agile approaches and improve the compliance in systems that eventually increases customer reliability and work efficiency of the team. The PMI-ACP certification validates that you have the real-life experience, the fundamental knowledge about Agile methods and practices, and skills to take on any Agile-based project.

Project Management Experience

In order to be eligible for this certification exam, the applicant must have a minimum of 2000 hours experience in project management. The exam itself requires a degree from the professionals. Therefore, the PMI-ACP certification has importance to it.

Benefit the organization

Nowadays, most businesses are implementing the Agile approach in order to bring improvement in services delivered by the businesses. The PMI-ACP certification allows us to discover strategies to successfully manage the risks of the project, improve team success, increase teamwork efficiency, and ultimately ensure better service delivery to customers.

Strong Career opportunities

The PMI-ACP Certification provides outstanding career opportunities for IT Project Managers, process managers, risk manager, and QA professionals who are willing to upgrade their positions to specialist roles like Agile Trainer, Agile Scrum Master, Technical Business Analyst, and Agile Coach. Different companies around the world are in need of practitioners with good managing experience.

As a PMI Certified professional your roles would entitle you to:

  • Understanding Agile: Need complete understanding of agile methods and practices. Bringing agility in change projects, need a commitment to the right choice of beliefs, values, and behaviours.
  • Agile Practices: Working with project teams formed for practicing agile which include many approaches such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, XP, and TDD.
  • Management: Aspire to achieve lean management for the continuous improvements in knowledge and cutting out steps that do not create value
  • Have Proficiency: Agility requires the right response in order to fulfill the process project needs. You need to be proficient in applying the right combination of agile tools and techniques suited to execute any project.


PMI-ACP® certification is one of the latest but most comprehensive and in-demand certifications offered by the PMI. PMI-ACP® offers a fundamental study of the complete Agile Methodology rather than focusing on one single method. This makes it in-demand among the organizations and also gives you popular career choices which intensifies your job opportunities.

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