Will AI Affect the Way We Game?

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Gamers grew up facing AI computers in video games. Whether it was dodging barrels in Donkey Kong or running from ghosts in Pacman, gamers learned to adjust to the limitations of the AI to win.  As technology advances, developers push to redefine and develop AI algorithms that challenge gamers with more than predictable patterns. 

AI Improves Our Lives Outside of Gaming

AI affects our daily lives, from our GPS directing us to our destination to a virtual assistant that listens for you to call their name. Now, your GPS has evolved to lead you from point A to point B while avoiding traffic.

AI Keeps Sports Fair

Machine learning allows for a personalized experience by giving users relevant sports news and detailed analysis of past betting habits. Users who frequent online casinos like Bet777 find data helpful in making informed decisions when backing teams. AI in sports refereeing helps keep games fair and determines rule infractions.  

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The Future Of Music Is AI

AI opens a new horizon of possibility among artists. While many fear the advancement of AI will end human industry, these artists believe it will open up a golden age of creativity. The evolution of this technology has gone so far that humans could not tell the difference between AI-created music and one composed by musicians. 

AI Impacts The Gaming Experience

Just as musicians see the evolution of artificial intelligence as the future of music, so do game developers. These game developers think of the impact AI has on video games far differently than its other applications. It is all about the algorithms that steer the NPC’s to react to player input. Player’s want AI that feels realistic and unpredictable.

Bad AI Creates Unrealistic Experience

There isn’t much fun in a game where players can exploit poorly programmed AI. Bethesda’s Skyrim was notorious for sub-par NPC intelligence that did not scale well in higher difficulties. This poor AI led to inorganic gameplay where players exploit mobs to get stuck or ‘forget’ about the player by hiding. A human would check behind boxes; the NPC merely gives up. 

AI Provides Depth Of Difficulty

Computers think faster than humans. This concept was proved when IBM’s Deep Blue defeated renowned chess player Garry Kasparov. AI created to play games varies from the AI you interact with inside video games.  

Adaptive AI can create unique challenges by adapting to the player’s style. Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 provides that unique playstyle with NPC’s that interact with the player in a host of different ways, like reactions based on whether or not your clothes have blood on them.

The Future Of Gaming

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, there is no doubt that AI will affect the way we game.  Games will require strategy beyond simply outsmarting an NPC. Better AI affects the way we game because gamers will have to outwit an AI instead of exploiting a weak AI. What better game challenge out there than beating a computer?

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