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Will the Ban of Chinese Rivals Bring Profit to India’s Gambling Sector?

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The increased number of Indian people using the Internet and smartphones was followed by the rise of the gambling Sector. By the end of 2021, mobile gambling Sector could experience growth over a $1bn mark. The rapidly growing number of mobile users who are playing casino games online will definitely have an impact on the big global online gambling brands. Besides the growth in technology and its massive usage of smartphones, the COVID-19 lockdown and India-China conflict also have an impact on the Indian gambling industry.

Gambling During the Lockdown

In the time of pandemic in India, there has been a rise in the average time spent on games by 41%. People have shown a lot more interest in online games since they were forced to spend a lot more time at their houses. The time of coronavirus lockdown caused losses to many industries but it was the best time for online gambling start-ups. Online gambling companies used the incensement of gambling users in the best possible way and continued to launch new games. During the lockdown, Poker and Patti were in the top five grossing games in India. Even so, we can’t talk about gambling in India without mentioning cricket and rummy.

Betting on cricket and rummy and games based on skill and not pure luck, so they are not prohibited in India. Since the sports events were canceled due to the COVID-19 breakout, the sports betting industry has suffered. The losses were compensated with eSports, the most popular being Fantasy Cricket. Some of the apps in India for gambling on fantasy cricket and rummy card games are Dream11, Play Games24x7, Paytm First Games, and FanFight. According to some predictions, by the year 2024, this industry can reach a whopping number of $3.3 billion.

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The India-China Conflict

The current conflict between India and China is also affecting the gambling industry because the citizens are cutting off the profits the rival country is earning from their country.

Indian mobile gambling Sector is connected to China in many important ways, through sports and mobile gambling. Many Chinese brands and investors are involved in Indian sports, Premier League, and the Indian Olympic Association.

Indian traditional games have attracted attention from Asia’s largest internet companies, and two of them are from China: Tencent Holdings Ltd. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Since these games are created for earning real money, it’s less likely players will boycott them. Another reason why players may be excluded from this conflict is that there are no alternative games on the market that can replace the existing ones. Indian market is superior when it comes to casino and board games.

Chinese action and strategy games are dominant in India. They require more investments than casino games, so the Indian market needs to grow more until they can step in and take over this genre. Since Chinese games “Mobile Legends” and “Clash of Kings” are banned in India, they now have space to create something new for the audience. It’s expected that the release of the AatmaNirbhar Bharat Innovate Challenge by MeitY and NITI Aayog will have a positive impact on the Indian mobile gaming market.

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