Wipro Chairman and CEO took $1.8 million & $10.5 million Home in FY22; Deets Inside

Thierry Delaporte, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the IT leader Wipro, based in Bengaluru drew a payment of 10.5 million USD in the financial year 2022. This information is according to the organization’s annual report.

Thierry Delaporte’s paycheck includes allowances and salary worth 1.7 million USD, deferred benefits and long-term compensation of 2 million USD, and variable pay or commissions of 2.5 million USD. However, it also includes other variable pay worth 4.1 million USD. This information is released according to the 2020-21 report.

The compensation provided to the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Wipro includes health and retirement funds that are applicable, and social insurance, via the provident fund Deferred benefits are also payable along with a one-time cash award.

Delaporte joined the office as the CEO and MD on July 6, 2020. However, his tenure will remain active as Wipro’s CEO and Managing Director until 30 July 2025. Currently, Delaporte has a total of  118,000 equity shares.

As per the reports, “If his employment is terminated by the Company without Cause, the Company is required to pay Delaporte, severance pay of 12 months’ base salary as last applicable when in service, payable over 12 months following the date of termination. These payments will cease if Delaporte obtains new employment within the 12 months period or becomes a consultant to any company.”

While, during the same period, Rishad Premji, the Wipro chairman also received a paycheck worth $1.8 million. His paycheck includes deferred benefits of over $63,918, variable pay or commissions worth $634,487, allowances, and a salary of over  $1.1 million. Along with these it also included other benefits worth $1,255. However, in the financial year 2022, the chairman didn’t receive any options for stocks. But, currently, Premji owns equity shares worth 1.7 million.

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