Wordle 311 Answers Today, April 26, 2022: Here are the Hints And Answer For Today’s Puzzle

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Wordle 311 Answers Today, April 26, 2022: October 2021 launched Wordle, a web-based puzzle game created by Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle and owned by The New York Times since 2022 has become a part of everyone’s morning routine. Since its launch, the game is one of the most popular among puzzle and word-game lovers. The game presents players with a new challenge every day, and perhaps that doesn’t make Wordley feel boring. Wordle puzzles today can be called moderate, neither tough nor easy.

Hint: It is not a word that we use in our day-to-day conversations, but it is also not a word that you have never heard.

Where to Play Wordle And Its Rules

One can play Wordle by visiting the link

To win the game, you have to guess a word with 5 alphabets. You have a maximum of 6 chances to find the correct word. After typing the word, you have to press enter, after which your alphabet will change to yellow, green, or black colors, who have their own denotations.

If it turns Black, that means that the alphabet you have submitted does not exist in today’s wordle. Yellow means that the alphabet is present in today’s wordle, but its location is incorrect. The green color means that the alphabet is present in the wordle and you have submitted it at the right place.

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WORDLE 311, April 26, 2022 HINTS

  • The alphabet contains two vowels (a, e, i , o , u)
  • The first and the laster letter of the alphabet is a consonant.


The answer to the Wordle 311, April 26 2022 is IHTES (Arrange these in the correct order, and you’ll find your answer)

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