World Blood Cancer Day 2023: Current Theme, Quotes, Images, Posters, Banners, Images, Slogans, and Captions

Every year on 28 May, people around the world come together to commemorate this day, World Blood Cancer Day. As per the data released, every 27 seconds, one person from somewhere in the world is reported to suffer from blood cancer. Blood cancer is regarded as the dis-functioning of the blood-forming system of the body. In this type of cancer, the cancer cells enter the main bloodstream of the body. Later, they regenerate and multiply at high speed uncontrollably, taking over the healthy cells of the blood.

This affects the responsibility of blood to fight against germs and transport oxygen. Blood cancer is of various types based on the level of maturity of the blood cells. However, there are three main groups of blood cancer- malignant lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia. Therefore, this medical condition refers to different diseases caused by the blood-forming system of the body.

Patients diagnosed with blood cancer can survive only when a matching donor donates a blood stem cell. There are various terms and conditions for matching the donor and the recipient as well. As per the data, only 6 out of 10 people find matching donors, globally.


The theme for 2023 World Blood Cancer Day is, “Close the Care Gap.”


The reason behind celebrating this day on a global level is to make people aware of the various types of cancer and especially blood cancer. Blood cancer is among the most fatal types of cancer ever diagnosed. They can potentially harm a person to death. If not treated in time. Thus, people all over the world must be aware of the various types, causes, and treatments of Blood Cancer.

Best World Blood Cancer Day 2023 Quotes, Images, Slogans, Posters, Captions, Banners, and Images

“The fact is that more people are fighting Cancer and living on it than compared to people dying from it…. Never give up hope. ”

World Blood Cancer Day

“Cancer not only kills a person but also kills family happiness… Don’t let it ruin your loved ones.”

World Blood Cancer Day 2023

“Cancer is like any other challenge we face in our lives and we should never give up…. Let’s fight and win. ”

World Blood Cancer Day Quotes

“The sad thing is that these days we often hear the word and the good thing is that we will end it one day.”

“On World Cancer Day, let us promise never to give up or let anyone else contribute to this disease.”

World Blood Cancer Day Images

“Never let this disease control you or your life because you are empowered to deal with all… issues. We wish you an inspiring cancer day. ”

“Let’s make more sense in World Cancer Day by building more awareness about it…. Let’s eradicate cancer for the rest of our lives !!!”

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