World Habitat Day 2021 Theme, Date, History, Significance, Activities and a lot more

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Every Year, the First Monday of October is observed as World Habitat Day. The decision of observing this day was taken by United Nations General Assembly in 1985. The aim behind celebrating this day is to recognize the fundamental right to humanity and to give them adequate shelter. There is also another motive of this day, which is to end Poverty and encourage its actions at the grassroots level.

Let us give you more brief information about World Habitat Day, Its 2021 Theme, Date, History, Significance, Activities and a lot more.

World Habitat Day 2021 Date

The First Monday of October is on the 4th of October this year (2021). So, World Habitat Day will be celebrated on 4th October worldwide.

History, and Significance

For the first time, the day was celebrated 6th of October, 1986. The day is observed in almost every country including – USA, Canada, India, China, Russia, Japan, Mexico, and Uganda observes this day every year. Every Year, a theme is also announced by the UN to give shape to the whole observation, awareness events or programs held all around the world on World Habitat Day. This Year (2021) the theme of World Habitat Day is “Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world”. On World Habitat Day, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme honours people as well, who are working hard to overcome habitat, poverty and inequality issues. The United Nations Human Settlements Programme honours people with the “Scroll of Honour Award“.

Let us tell you 150 Million people all around the world are homeless. About 1.6 billion people live in inadequate shelters, which is 20.25% of the overall population of the planet. In India, as per Wikipedia, 1.77 Million people are homeless all around the country. It’s horrible data, and worrying as well.

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World Habitat Day 2021 Theme

To give a motive to the awareness events, or programs, which will be held on this year’s World Habitat Day. The UN General Assembly has announced a new theme, “Accelerating urban action for a carbon-free world“.


  • Donate an organization, who feeds homeless and needy people.
  • Give a speech over the habitat issue in your school or college.
  • Think off, what you can do to solve the poverty issue.
  • Meet some homeless people in your area and help them by providing them food or medicines.
  • Open a shelter for homeless, if you have the budget.

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