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World Milk Day 2021: These 11 Health Benefits of Milk That Prove It Must be a Part of Your Daily Diet

World Milk Day (Photo Credits: Pexels)

Milk is probably the primary food source known to mankind for ages but it was not until 2001 when the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN came up with a day dedicated to this nutrient-rich liquid. June 1 is celebrated each year as the World Milk Day in order to recognise the importance of milk and its related products’ industries. The day is an opportunity to realise the power of milk as a global food which plays an important part in our diets. Several countries across continents hold events discussing the importance of milk. Farmers, politicians, nutritionists, academics raise a glass of milk in solidarity of the day. This year though with the COVID 19 plaguing the world, the events are expected to be digital. National Milk Day 2021: Which Type Of Milk Is The Healthiest? The Health Benefits and The Calorie Counts Explained!

On World Milk Day 2021, we take a look at some of the important health benefits of milk.

    • Milk is a nutrient-rich food and is loaded with vitamins like A, B1, B2, B12, D and magnesium, potassium too.


    • Milk is an integral part of the diet for people looking to lose weight with a study revealing conjugated linolenic acid found in milk helps in burning fat.


    • Research by Professor Peter Elwood of Cardiff University states that drinking milk daily reduces the chances of dying from coronary heart disease and stroke by up to 15 and 20 percent.


    • The combination of Vitamin D and calcium promotes leads to stronger bones and reduces the risk of osteoporosis which is an age-related ailment.


    • People suffering from cold and sore throat often take milk with turmeric powder added to it in order to clear the congestion.


    • Milk is an important part of skincare arrangements for a long time with its combination with besan, Multani mitti widely used. It is also used along with face packs and masks.


    • Milk is rich in potassium that helps to keep our blood pressure under control. If one drinks milk and manages to cut down on the sodium intake, he will be free from blood pressure related issues.


    • The Vitamin B12 component present in the milk helps to improve memory power while Vitamin B calms the nerves aiding sleep cycle of a person.


    • In the summer months, milk can be used as a health drink with a chocolate milkshake and mango shake good for your taste buds.


    • Milk contains proteins which aid the rate of hair growth and keep the scalp strong.


    • Milk is an integral source of riboflavin which lowers the risk of cataracts. Since it also contains Vitamin A, it keeps our eyes healthy.


Milk has a positive effect on a variety of body parts and it is imperative we include it in our diet. On World Milk Day, we must thank the co-operatives and farmers involved in the supply of milk in these tough times.

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