World Rainforest Day 2022: Current Theme, Quotes, Slogans, Messages, Images to Share

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Rainforests act as the lungs of the earth and every year on June 22, World Rainforest Day is celebrated to raise awareness and raise the problems related to the protection of these rainforests. Organizers of this annual day say 20% of the oxygen we breathe and the freshwater we drink is attributed to the Amazon rainforests. World Rainforest Day is created to take decisive action to combat deforestation, mitigate the effects of climate change and protect our rainforests for generations to come.

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According to daysoftheyear.com, World Rainforest Day was first created in 2017 by the Rainforest Partnership. They work with indigenous people living in rainforest environments and with local communities to launch projects to help restore and regenerate healthy rainforests. It is an international non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas, and is dedicated to protecting and regenerating tropical rainforests through community-based projects in the Amazon. The scale of deforestation can lead to climate change, flooding, desertification, and soil erosion – all things that threaten our planet and our way of life. The agenda behind this move was to protect the world’s rainforests, which are an integral part of the ecosystem.

Various organizations, and NGOs, use this day as an important occasion to sensitize the environment enthusiasts about natural resources. These rainforests provide us with many resources like fresh water and clean air by absorbing harmful gases including carbon dioxide, thus playing an important role in maintaining the climate balance.

Current Theme, Quotes, Slogans, Messages, Images for World Rainforest Day 2022

World Rainforest Day 2022: Current Theme
World Rainforest Day 2022: Quotes
World Rainforest Day 2022: Slogans
World Rainforest Day 2022: Messages

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