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World Sight Day is also popularly known as World Vision Day, or World Eye Day. This day is celebrated regarding the importance of eye health that should be taken care of by everyone. World Sight Day exudes awareness to encourage everyone to pay attention to eye health.

This day is observed globally to aware everyone of the well-being of eyes and to focus attention on dedicated ophthalmologists who give their everything for fixing the vision impairment.


The theme of World Sight Day 2023 has been decided as, “Focusing on preservation of vision in the workplace.”


The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness or IAPB coordinated World Sight Day. In the year 2000, World Sight Day began to be observed officially as an IAPB event. In different nations across the globe, the day is celebrated in several different ways.

In the year 2020, World Sight Day gained a milestone in official recognition when the Empress of the United Kingdom joined the awareness campaign.


Eye health is extremely crucial for people as with our two eyes, we see the entire world. It is extremely difficult and would be a challenging task to imagine the world without eyes. Eye health influences poverty, quality of life, employment, education, and many sustainable development goals.

World Sight Day aims to unite the public and organizations to encourage individuals, institutions, corporations, and governments to support access to eye health universally.
More than 150 IAPB member organizations support the celebration and observance of World Sight Day.

The members include major eye care NGOs, corporations, teaching hospitals, and apex professional bodies for optometry and ophthalmology to work together and eliminate visual impairment and avoidable blindness.

Best World Sight Day 2023 Quotes, Wishes, Images, Messages, and Posters

World Sight Day

On the occasion of World Sight Day, let us stand together and make more and more people aware of blindness and issues of vision.

Eyes are what connect us to this world…. On World Sight Day, let us pray for vision for blind and more and more joys around.

World Sight Day 2023

“The gift of sight is a precious one. Let’s remember those who are visually impaired and work towards a world where everyone can see the beauty around them.”

“World Sight Day reminds us to open our eyes to the needs of the visually impaired and to take action to improve eye care for all.”

World Sight Day Images

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Vision is what must come first and protecting eyesight is what is extremely important…. Happy World Sight Day to you.

Let us make it a Happy World Sight Day…. Let us work together to bring vision to more and more people to make this world a better place.

Sayings, Slogans, Banners and Instagram Captions

World Sight Day Messages

“The world is a more beautiful place when we can all see its wonders. Let’s support efforts to eliminate preventable blindness and ensure everyone enjoys the gift of sight.”

“On World Sight Day, let’s work together to bring light into the lives of those who are visually impaired and make the world a brighter place.”

World Sight Day Quotes

World Sight Day reminds us that we must all give attention to our vision for a proper sight to avoid any complications.

Together we have the power to create more and more awareness about blindness and sight…. Wishing a very Happy World Sight Day.

World Sight Day Greetings

“Let’s pledge to create a world where blindness is only a word, not a fate.”

World Sight Day Posters

World Sight Day gives us an opportunity to have a world where everyone can see and have a healthy vision by creating more awareness about it.

World Sight Day Banners

“In a world of infinite beauty, sight is our passport. Let’s ensure everyone has the chance to travel.”

"In a world of infinite beauty, sight is our passport. Let's ensure everyone has the chance to travel."

“The ability to see is a miracle we often overlook. Let’s celebrate this miracle and work to share it with others.”

“Let’s join hands to bring the light of hope, vision, and joy into the lives of those who need it most on World Sight Day.”

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