World Teachers’ Day 2022: Telugu and Malayalam Greetings, Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, Pictures, and Posters For Teachers

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World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on 05 September in India and 05 October in the world to honor the teachers and their contribution to the betterment of the world. A teacher’s role in a student’s life is not limited to just explaining concepts and giving homework, but they are responsible for building communities and changing the way discoveries are made. Notably, the special day dedicated to ‘Gurus’ is marked annually on the birth anniversary of Indian philosopher and politician Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who served as the 2nd President of the Republic of India from 1962 to 1967. He was born on 5 September 1988 in Thiruttani town in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu.

Radhakrishnan completed his education at ‘Gaudi School’ and ‘Tirupati Mission School’ in Thiruvalluvar, Tamil Nadu, and then joined the ‘Madras Residency College’ as an assistant professor. He also served as a lecturer at the world-famous Oxford University, England, a Professor in the University of Kolkata (George V College), and Vice Chancellor of Andhra Pradesh University.

According to on-papers data, Over 100 countries around the globe observe 5 October as World Teachers’ Day. The role of teachers was discussed for the first time at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on October 5, 1966. After this, in 1994, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced to the celebration of World Teachers’ Day on 5 October.

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan once said that the whole world is a school from where one gets to learn something or the other.

Hey, wanna celebrate this Teachers’ Day by greetings your teachers, then use below-given Best World Teachers’ Day 2022 Telugu and Malayalam images, pictures, posters, wishes, greetings, and messages.

Telugu and Malayalam Quotes, Greetings, Wishes, Messages, Images, Pictures, and Posters To Greet Teachers on World Teachers’ Day 2022

World Teachers' Day 2022

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.” (Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Estrada)

కరోనా వచ్చినా… లాక్ డౌన్ ఉన్నా..
ఆన్ లైన్ లో అయినా.. ఆఫ్ లైన్ లో అయినా..
విద్యార్థులకు విజ్ణానాన్ని పంచేవాడే గురువు…
హ్యాపీ టీచర్స్ డే…

World Teachers' Day Quotes  in malayalam

Death is not the greatest loss. The greatest loss is what dies inside while still alive. Never surrender.” (Tupac Shakur)

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” (Khalil Gibran)

ఓ విద్యార్థిలాగా నిరంతరం నేర్చుకుంటూ.. నిరంతరం విద్యార్థులకు నేర్పించి.. మంచి విద్యావంతులను తయారు చేసే గొప్ప వ్యక్తి టీచర్… ఉపాధ్యాయ దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు..

World Teachers' Day Wishes

“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” (Confucius)

‘I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.” (Einstein)

അദ്ധ്യാപക ദിന സന്ദേശങ്ങള്‍
ഓരോ രാജ്യങ്ങളിലെയും ആഘോഷം പ്രമുഖ വ്യക്തികളുമായോ വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ മേഖലയിലെ നേട്ടങ്ങളുമായോ നാഴികക്കല്ലുകളുമായോ ബന്ധപ്പെട്ടിരിക്കുന്നു.

World Teachers' Day 2022 Messages

അദ്ധ്യാപക ദിന സന്ദേശങ്ങള്‍

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