World’s Strongest Man 2024 Competition Full Deets Here: From Where To Watch To Who to Follow

World’s Strongest Man competition for 2024 is back!! This week we will have a new champion at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

People are excited to see who will be crowded as the “World’s Strongest Man” in the finale scheduled on Sunday.

World’s Strongest Man 2024 Competition Date

Preliminary rounds were conducted on May 1, Wednesday and May 2, Thursday. A total of ten lifters have qualified for the finals. The final round will include six events. Out of six, three events will be conducted on May 4, Saturday and the final three will be conducted on May 5, Sunday. 

2024 World’s Strongest Man: Where To Watch 

If you are wondering how and where to watch the 2024 World’s Strongest Man live event, then it’s heart-wrenching to announce that you can’t watch it yet! The 2024 WSM is not live-streaming. 

None of the broadcast networks are also airing the event this weekend. 

However, if you want to know the action, then there is a way out. The event’s website updates the live results throughout the entire competition. Go, have a look!

World’s Strongest Man: Broadcast Details

WSM announced that the competition will be broadcast on CBS Sports Network and CBS “sometime this summer.”

However, no exact date has been announced yet. 

Interestingly, comes to your rescue! It said that from May 28 to July 27 the episodes will air. 

Events At the WSM Competition 2024

It is a total of four-day event. Each day, three competitions take place. 

Day 1 was qualifying in which events like sandbag steeplechase, deadlift ladder, and Webster stones took place. 

Day 2 was also qualifying in nature, in which Stone-off, Car Walk, and Globe Viking press were conducted. 

Day 3 will be Finals. It will take place on May 4, Saturday, in which Keg Toss, Max Axle Press, and Knaack Giant’s Medley will be conducted. 

Day 4 Finals occurring on May 5. Sunday will include Atlas Stones, Terrain Deadlift, and Conan’s Wheel. 

Athletes to Follow

The Stoltman brothers and Hooper are always the talk of the event. However, other athletes like Evan Singleton, Nicolas Cambi, Nathan Goltry, Rob Kearney, Eddie Williams, and Trey Mitchell are also worth paying attention to.

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