Xiaomi is bringing such technology, the phone will be charged in the air, know how

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Xiaomi on Friday announced a new wireless charging technology Mi Air Charge. That is, you can charge a mobile phone in the air. Mi Air Charge has been designed to allow users to charge their smartphones or electronic devices remotely without cables, pads or wireless charging stands.

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This is in contrast to current wireless charging technology which is based on the widely adopted Qi standard, in which power is transferred wirelessly using inductive charging over distances of up to four centimeters. Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge has claimed to charge many devices within a range of several meters. Any physical barriers in charging

There will not be any hindrance, that is, if the charger is beyond this wall and the phone will be charged even if it is beyond that. However, this technology will take time to become available in the market. The work is still going on.

To enable the new Mi Air Charge wireless charging experience, Xiaomi has developed an in-house separate charging pile with 144 antennas transmitting millimeter-wide waves. These waves go directly to the smartphone, which has to be charged through beamforming. The charging pile also performs five-phase interference antennas to understand the location of the smartphone.

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Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge Tech is currently being showcased only. A Xiaomi spokesperson has provided clarity on Twitter, stating that the Mi Air Charge is currently a tech demo and is not launching this year. It is currently unclear whether Xiaomi has applied for any regulatory approval for the new wireless charging technology. The company has also not given any details whether it has been tested for health risks or not.

Xiaomi is using proprietary technology infrastructure, which can work with the smartphone Mi Air Charge, they will need an antenna array with a built-in beacon antenna and receiving antenna array. The company said in a blog post that the beacon antenna transmits status information with low power consumption. The antenna array, composed of 14 antennae, converts the millimeter wave signal emitted by the charging pile into electrical energy via a rectifier circuit, to turn the sci-fi charging experience into reality.

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