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YNW Melly’s Mom Jamie King Joins Onlyfans



YNW Melly's Mom Joins Onlyfans Here's All About It

YNW Melly is a rapper who is getting charged by the court for a double murder trial. His mother, Jamie King is constantly standing beside him as his pillar of support to prove his innocence. Though he hasn’t been marked as guilty yet, he remains behind bars currently and will continue to do so throughout the holiday season.

The first attempt of the prosecution remained unsuccessful however there are future rounds that will be taken hold of before deciding the issue. However, during this time Melly’s mom can only support her son throughout and believe in him.

Jamie King Makes Onlyfans Debut

Jamie King Joins Onlyfans

Jamie King is currently the talk of the town as she joined Onlyfans. When she is not posting about justice for her son she is posting these traps to get more engagement and followers for her Onlyfans account. Though she is not the first rapper mom to join the arena, there are many in this field.

Currently, she charging $10.99/month for her subscriptions. She is giving discounts for longer lanes as well. She only had 4 posts on her account and it is not known if she’s in it for the long run or not. Some think she’s just here till the time her son gets the bail.


Jamie King posted a picture of her in a bold manner with her buttocks visible to attract more fans and followers. She captioned the post in a very sultry way stating, “Click the link in my bio 😻.” She also encourages her fans to join her livestreams to gain more engagement on her profile and have a significant increase in her paid subscriber account for her Onlyfans account.

Karlissa Saffold is another rapper mom who is currently hinting at her Onlyfans debut, which she might announce on her son, Blueface’s birthday in January.

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