YouTuber throws brand new PS5 in the shredder. Video may make you angry ‘why?’

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If you are fond of the gaming world, then you will also dream that you will have a Playstation one day. On which you can play the game of your choice by turning on the full sound. Although there are all the options of the gaming system present in the market, people like the PlayStation 5. With the help of this gaming console, gamers play the game. That’s why the demand for PlayStation worldwide is also tremendous.

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Whenever you spend your hard earned money and buy something and it breaks immediately, how will you feel. Of course you will get frustrated. A similar case has hit the headlines. There are some people in the world who do not hesitate to break even their branded things. Now hearing about what we are telling you, it is also certain to blow your senses. Actually a person broke brand new play station 5 and made it completely useless.

This video has been shared by the YouTube channel named ‘Captain Crunch Experiment’. He wrote in the caption, ‘With Sony Playstation 5, everything that comes in the box is broken so that you can see the things inside it. And yes, play more outside the home, less on the computer. This crush and crushing test can be dangerous. Do not try it yourself as an experiment. ‘

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Let us tell you that the price of the Sony Playstation 5 is very high, so people have to think many times to buy it. This video has been watched nearly 5 lakh times so far and people are giving many dislikes on this video along with the likes. People are very angry to see this expansion because their favorite gaming console is being broken unnecessarily. The PS5 was launched in November this year, which costs Rs 49,990 in India.

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