Youtuber wanted by police for allegedly placing spy cameras at voting stations

Seoul Police Request Arrest Warrant for YouTuber Suspected of Installing Spy Cameras at Early Voting Stations

Seoul, March 30: Police have requested an arrest warrant for a YouTuber in his 40s suspected of placing hidden cameras at around 40 early voting stations in major cities ahead of the April 10 parliamentary elections. The suspect allegedly wanted to monitor the National Election Commission’s manipulation of turnout rates for early voting.

Authorities at Incheon Nonhyeon Police Station revealed that spy cameras were found at 26 early voting stations as of Friday. The suspect is also under suspicion for installing hidden cameras at polling stations during the 2022 presidential election and the by-election for the mayorship of Gangseo District in Seoul in October.

The man reportedly admitted to the police his motive behind installing the spy cameras. Police are currently investigating to determine if there are any additional hidden cameras at other polling stations. Early voting for the upcoming elections is scheduled for April 5-6, and authorities are working to ensure the security and integrity of the election process.

The case sheds light on the importance of safeguarding the election process from potential tampering and illegal activities. Authorities are taking necessary steps to prevent any unauthorized surveillance or interference in the electoral process, ensuring a fair and transparent election for all citizens. Any attempt to manipulate voting results or turnout rates will not be tolerated, and strict action will be taken against those found guilty of such misconduct.

The public is advised to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities or behavior at polling stations to the authorities. Election officials are working diligently to ensure that the democratic process is protected and upheld, guaranteeing the rights of all eligible voters to cast their ballots without any undue influence or disruption.


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