Yulia Storozhuk Arrested For Child Abuse, Video Of Her Kicking 3-Year-Old Son Sparks Outrage

In a shocking turn of events, a video has been going viral on the internet that shows a Sunny Isles Beach woman named Yulia Storozhuk beating, throwing, and kicking her 3-year-old son down a hallway.

The whole incident was captured on camera and is currently trending all over the internet and social media. The woman has been identified as Yulia Storozhuk.

Watch the viral video of Yulia Storozhuk abusing her 3-year-old son 

The incident has sparked outrage across the web demanding strict action against Yulia Storozhuk.

The neighbor’s doorbell camera caught the whole incident. As the news broke, Edward Santiago, Sunny Isles Beach Police Chief released a statement stating it is very sad to see a mother behaving with her child like this.

“I was very angry, and how can somebody do this to a defenseless 3-year-old boy who can’t protect himself?”

– Sunny Isles Beach Police Chief Edward Santiago

The video was brought to the police by the neighbors. In the clip, Yulia Storozhuk can be seen entering the room while her son is standing in the doorway. She points to the hallway but the kid starts to walk towards her instead.

Then, she lifts her kid and throws him back to the ground. Once he hits the floor, he is kicked twice by her. As soon as the kid starts to stand up, he is kicked down again by her.

The viral clip has angered the public, and netizens on social media have sparked a debate on demanding strict punishment for her.

According to Police, the kid child is currently safe and in the custody of the Department of Children and Families. Storozhuk has since bonded out of jail, and further legal proceedings are in progress.

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