Zampa reflects on withdrawing from IPL 2024 and not giving his best to Rajasthan Royals

Australian leg-spinner Adam Zampa has withdrawn from the ongoing IPL 2024 tournament due to exhaustion from playing non-stop cricket in 2023. Zampa cited the World Cup year as a priority and the need to focus on his physical and mental health, and spend time with his family.

Zampa mentioned, “There are several reasons why the IPL wasn’t for me this year… the fact that it’s a World Cup year and I’m completely drained from 2023.” He expressed concerns about not being able to offer his best performance for Rajasthan Royals and prioritizing the upcoming World Cup.

Having played the full IPL season last year and various international matches, Zampa felt it was crucial to rest and prioritize his well-being. He also mentioned the challenge of spending time away from his young family for an extended period, especially with uncertainty about his playing time in the IPL.

Zampa’s decision to withdraw from IPL 2024 was based on putting his body and mental health first, in addition to spending quality time with his family. Despite initial concerns about public perception, Zampa ultimately felt confident in his decision and believed it was the right choice for him at this stage of his career.

Looking ahead, Zampa will focus on representing Australia in the upcoming Men’s T20 World Cup in the USA and the West Indies. Australia aims to continue their success after winning the World Test Championship and ODI World Cup titles in 2023.


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