Red Coral Stone Benefits: Know How Moonga Ratna Can Transform Your Life

Many types of vegetation are found in the sea. One of those unique plants is ‘Red Coral‘, which is considered very auspicious and auspicious. Those people in whose horoscope Mars being malefic gives inauspicious results should wear coral to control it. Coral is such a gem that by wearing it, many types of benefits are obtained and all kinds of problems go away. You can wear coral in different ways.

Why Is Red Coral Worn?

Red Coral is a very influential, attractive, and gorgeous stone. Wearing this stone makes a person brave and heroic and his self-confidence increases. In Vedic astrology, coral is worn to ward off the malefic effects of the hostile planet Mars and to gain its blessings.

It is believed that this stone helps in pleasing the planet Mars. Mars is the God of war and energy. The red color of this planet is considered a symbol of blood. It is also called the ‘son of the earth’ because of its being close to the earth.

Lal Moonga or Coral Stone is also known as Red Coral. This gem is being used in jewelry for ages.

This gem is found in the depths of the ocean and is the skeleton of a special type of animal. The animal from which coral is produced is 2 to 3 feet in length. It hardens when exposed to air outside the sea. Here we’re going to discuss several astrological benefits of wearing Red Coral-

Astrological Red Coral Benefits

  • You can also make children wear gems like coral. By which you can protect your child from the evil eye.
  • Children should always wear coral in gold/silver or copper only. By wearing this, the children are not blinded. Along with this, the fear of ghosts and external air also ends.
  • Red Coral also helps a lot in correcting personal life. By wearing it, jealousy ends and courage and self-confidence increase in person.
  • There are many areas in which coral is very auspicious for the people associated with it. For example, coral is very beneficial for those who are associated with the medical field.
  • Coral is also very effective in removing and overcoming the mental stress and sadness of a person. People who have such problems must wear coral.
  • If laziness is troubling a child, then he should also wear coral according to his zodiac sign. Due to this, he will pay good attention to his studies and other work.
  • If a person has any problem related to blood, he should wear coral. He will get a lot of benefits by wearing coral.
  • Wearing coral proves to be very beneficial for epilepsy and jaundice patients.
  • Those working in different categories get a lot of benefits by wearing coral. People who are associated with the police, army, doctors, property workers, and weapon makers must wear coral.
  • Coral is very beneficial for many zodiac signs, such as Aries, Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces people must wear coral.
  • People who are diabetes for a long time. So, they should wear coral. Sugar remains under control by wearing coral.
  • Those who have complaints of muscle pain. For those people also wearing coral will be very helpful.

Rules of Wearing Red Coral

  • Coral should only be worn only on Tuesday.
  • Coral should always be worn on the index finger and ring finger only.
  • Moonga should never be worn with onyx, garlic, green, and sapphire, it can prove to be very harmful.
  • Coral can be worn in Chitra and Mrigashira Nakshatra on Tuesday.
  • Never eat non-veg on Tuesday and Saturday if you are wearing coral stone.

Method of Wearing Red Coral

  • Whenever you wear coral, keep your distance from smoking and non-veg.
  • On Monday morning, after taking bath, put coral in raw milk and Gangajal.
  • Chant the mantra ‘O Bhaumaya Namah’ 108 times on Tuesday morning and pray by keeping the coral at the feet of Hanuman ji.
  • Pray that ‘ O Hanuman ji, by your grace, I am wearing a coral stone, by wearing it, all our works will be completed.
  • After praying to Hanuman ji, wear the coral on the index or ring finger.
  • According to the scriptures, some rules have been fixed while wearing coral.
  • Wear coral only after getting it embedded in a gold, silver, or copper ring, but before that make sure to follow these rules.
  • First, clean the ring with raw milk and Gangajal.
  • Remember to wear the ring studded with coral on the ring finger of the right hand after showing incense and a lamp on Tuesday morning after taking bath etc.
  • After wearing, chant Kra Kreen Kraun Sa: Bhaumaya Namah: 108 times.
  • Women should take special care that they wear this ring only on the ring finger of the left hand.

Who Should Wear Red Coral And Why?

Often, we see people whose planets are not normal in their horoscopes. Those people do measures like donations related to planets, chanting mantras, worshiping yantras, and wearing gems. According to astrologers, the easiest way is to wear a gem according to your zodiac sign, so today we will tell you about such a gem associated with Aries and Scorpio, wearing which your sleeping fortune will wake you up.

According to astrology, the coral gemstone is associated with Mars, the lord of Aries and Scorpio. It is said that if the position of Mars is weak in the horoscope, then those people are advised to wear coral. Its color is red, vermilion, ocher, white and black. According to astrologers, wearing this gem strengthens the condition of Mars. Due to this, the auspicious effects of this planet start increasing. Let us tell you that due to its beautiful and attractive color, coral is considered one of the Navratnas. First of all, let us tell you what is the identity of coral stone.

  • Moonga is many times more smooth than other gems, so it keeps slipping when taken in hands.
  • If real coral is kept near blood, it absorbs blood completely.
  • Apart from this, drops of water stop on the real coral, while it keeps slipping on the fake coral.
  • The burning of raw coral emits a smell like the burning of hair.
  • The last method is to look closely at the coral with a magnifying glass and white lines are visible on it.

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