Top 7 Hot and Bold Ullu Web Series To Watch Alone

One of the OTT platforms with sexual material that has experienced the quickest growth is Ullu TV. When it was first introduced in 2018, this site soon became well with other young people because of its mature, controversial, and sensual content. Because Ullu is not as well-known as other services like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc., the adult ullu web series there are less expensive. You may still become acquainted with a number of web series on Ullu, though. Here we are going to count down 7 of the best hot and sexy lust-filled ullu web series-

Hot and Bold Ullu Web Series

1. Singardaan

Singardaan - Ullu Web Series

Gupta Ji stole a makeup case from a dead prostitute he formerly loved, and now a spell has captured his daughter and wife. Shraddha Das got prominence as the lead actor in the famous dramatic Web series available on Ullu.

2. Melting Cheese

Melting Cheese

Melting Cheese is a compelling and engaging story that has the potential to become your hidden guilty pleasure. It tells the story of a woman (Neena) who, in the process of discovering the truth, befriends Meera, the adulterous office assistant of her husband (Anand). The mature and sexy web series available on the Ullu app is among the best web series overall.

3. Virgin Boys

Virgin Boys

Another of the most-watched miniseries is available on the Ullu app. Gagan, Chuchu, and Chomu three boys haven’t lost their virginity yet and find it difficult to enjoy sensual experiences. To experience their incredibly thrilling road to sexual fulfillment, watch this series. Leading ladies in this online series are Sarika Raghwa and Marina Kunwar.

4. January 26

26 January

Vedh is employed by ATS. He receives a task. During his expedition, Vedh starts to have affection for a girl by the name of Inshiya. But he later discovered that she might be a suspect in a terrorist attack. Would Vedh put his love first or try to preserve his nation? Watch the series on Ullu to know.

5. Mee Too


The #Metoo series, as its name implies, is motivated by the internationally recognized #Metoo campaign. This web series is based on occurrences that took place in late 2018 and involved multiple Bollywood women who reported being intimidated or assaulted by one or even more male manufacturing workers. The story of a Bollywood star who paid a heavy price for her stardom is specifically told in this web series.

6. Woodpecker

The female lead is wildly prosperous along with the most coveted CEO in town. Due to her insatiable desire to conquer the world, her avarice spirals out of control, leading to serious issues and conflicts. What comes next? See this odd story about glamour and aspirations.

7. Halala

Halala - Ullu Web Series

Halala is among the most contentious and popular Ullu web series, and it vehemently opposes social concerns such as the “Triple Talaq” and “Halala” rites. For the uninitiated, “Halala” is a Muslim tradition where a woman obtains a triple talaq separation from a guy, marries some other man, bears a kid with him, and afterward obtains a second divorce in an attempt to remarry her first spouse.

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