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Zia Cooke Net Worth 2024: How Much is the American Basketball Player Worth?

Who is Zia Cooke?

Zia Cooke is the rising star of American basketball, taking the college sports scene by storm. Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, she’s made a name for herself as a key player for the South Carolina Gamecocks in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). From her humble beginnings playing backyard hoops with her brother to leading her college team to the Final Four, Zia’s journey is as inspiring as it gets. She’s not just a player; she’s a phenomenon.

Zia Cooke Career

Cooke’s basketball career began in earnest when she joined her middle school team in seventh grade, much to her mom’s initial dismay. Michelle Cooke had other plans for her daughter, ideally something less rough-and-tumble, like cheerleading. But young Zia had different ideas. Fast forward to her high school years at Rogers High School in Toledo, and Cooke was already turning heads. She was a five-star recruit by ESPN, a McDonald’s All-American, and one of the top players in the 2019 class. Her high school stats read like a superhero’s resume: averaging 24 points, 6 rebounds, and 6 assists per game as a junior.

Choosing South Carolina over offers from over 60 colleges (yes, you read that right, 60!), Zia continued to shine. As a two-time All-SEC selection, she played a pivotal role in leading the Gamecocks to the NCAA tournament’s Final Four in 2021. Beyond college, her international career has also been illustrious, winning gold medals at the 2017 FIBA U16 Americas Championship and the 2018 FIBA U17 World Cup.

Zia Cooke Net Worth

Drumroll, please! As of 2024, Zia Cooke’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million. Yes, folks, that’s seven figures! This impressive sum comes not just from her college basketball prowess but also from her savvy business moves. She’s part of H&R Block’s “A Fair Shot” campaign, which supports female college athletes, and has signed name, image, and likeness (NIL) deals with major brands like Dick’s Sporting Goods and Bojangles. So, while she’s dribbling down the court, she’s also cashing in on her growing fame off the court. Talk about a slam dunk!

Zia Cooke Age

Born on January 9, 2001, in Toledo, Ohio, Zia Cooke is currently 23 years old. She’s not just a Capricorn; she’s the embodiment of all the best Capricorn traits: ambitious, disciplined, and downright unstoppable. Each year she celebrates her birthday on January 9th, and with each passing year, she seems to reach new heights both on and off the court.

Zia Cooke Family: Parents

Zia Cooke comes from a supportive family that has always had her back. Her parents, Michelle and Stratman Cooke, have been her biggest cheerleaders. Michelle, despite initially wanting her daughter to join a cheerleading team, eventually embraced Zia’s passion for basketball. Stratman, on the other hand, was always there, coaching her from the sidelines, even if it was just in their backyard.

Zia’s family isn’t just close-knit; they’re also deeply involved in her career. Her brother, also named Stratman, played college football, so athletic prowess clearly runs in the family. Whether it’s attending games or offering words of wisdom, the Cooke family’s support has been a cornerstone of Zia’s success.

Zia Cooke Height and Weight

Standing at 1.75 meters (or about 5 feet 9 inches for those who don’t speak metric), Zia Cooke has the height advantage needed for her position. She weighs in at 74 kilograms (or roughly 163 pounds), and it’s all muscle, honed from countless hours of practice and a dedicated workout regimen. Her physical fitness is a testament to her work ethic, proving that being an elite athlete is a full-time job.

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