Zoe Saldana Birthday: ‘Avatar’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Starlet Turns 44 Upcoming Films, ‘Star Trek’ Venture, Instagram And Twitter Posts

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Zoe Saldana birthday is on June 19, she turns 44. Zoe Yadira Saldaa-Perego is a performer from the United States who was raised on June 19, 1978. She participated in two series of Law & Order in 1999 after acting with the theatre production Faces. A year afterwards, she made her cinematic debut in “Center Stage” (2000), in which she played a ballroom ballerina.

Zoe Saldana Birthday Is On June 19, She Turns 44

Saldaa made her chosen profession advancement with her employment in innumerable science fiction movies, commencing in 2009 with her first of many outward appearance as Nyota Uhura in the “Star Trek” movie franchise and her first aesthetic appeal as Neytiri in the Avatar movie franchise, after having received early identification for her employment complete reverse Britney Spears in the road movie “Crossroads” (2001).

Her Early Career, ‘Trekkie In The Terminal’

Saldaa had two major roles in 2009, which helped her to gain a lot of attention. In Star Trek, she portrayed Nyota Uhura. J. J. Abrams, the show’s creator, encouraged Saldaa to take the part because he admired her performance. Saldaa, who played a “Trekkie in The Terminal” (2004), had never seen the television content but decided to perform the part after Abrams complemented her.

Her Performance In ‘Star Trek’

She spoke with Nichelle Nichols to learn more about how Uhura’s backstory and name came to be. Saldaa’s mom was a “Star Trek” aficionado who left voicemail messages during shooting to offer advice on the part. While directing her in The Terminal five years ago, Steven Spielberg introduced her the Vulcan salutation. “Star Trek” (2009) grossed $385.7 million at the movie worldwide.

Recent And Upcoming Films

Saldaa appeared in two Netflix original films in 2021, as Rosita in the song Vivo and the eponymous protagonist in Maya and the Three. In David O. Russell’s Canterbury Glass, she will rejoin an all-star ensemble. In the successors Avatar: The “Way of Water” and “Avatar 3”, she will repeat her appearance as Neytiri in 2022 and 2024, correspondingly.

Zoe Saldana Instagram

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