Zoho, Indian software company, develops tools to increase employment in rural areas: CEO

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) – Zoho, a leading Cloud software provider, announced the creation of ‘Karuvi’, a first-of-its-kind power tool ready for commercial production. This hand-held tool aims to generate more rural jobs in India. The idea was presented to Zoho by Abdul Gafoor, owner of ‘Mr Light Global’, during the pandemic.

Abdul Gafoor, a Zoho customer and fan, introduced the concept to Zoho’s Founder and CEO, Sridhar Vembu. Gafoor shared a box of hand-held tools from his company and expressed the potential to create rural jobs through its production and distribution. Vembu was inspired by the idea and decided to take on the challenge.

Zoho set up a small engineering team nearly two years ago to work on the project. After multiple designs and redesigns, the company has successfully developed a suite of tools that are now ready for commercial production. The tools aim to bring innovation to the factory being built in Tenkasi.

Vembu expressed his gratitude towards Gafoor for pushing him to embark on this new venture. The project has garnered attention and support from social media followers, with one user expressing excitement to see ‘Karuvi’ products in production. The initiative is expected to make a significant impact on the rural job market in India.

With the launch of ‘Karuvi’, Zoho aims to revolutionize power tools in the country and create more opportunities for rural employment. The project reflects Zoho’s commitment to innovation and social impact, as the company continues to explore new ventures and collaborations for positive change in the community.


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