6 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

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The abilities of Google Chrome have been greatly enhanced with the introduction of Google Chrome Extensions. They are meant to boost productivity and overall efficiency. This is one of the key reasons why Google Chrome Extensions constitutes every digital marketer toolbox.  

Several extensions are meant to help companies to enhance production by saving time. Moreover, they help employers in monitoring the operations and resources of a business. But the main question is, with literally thousands of Chrome extensions available, which options are the best for you?  

To help you out, we have listed down the best Google Chrome Extensions which might be worth it for your business to rank higher on SERPs.  

1. SimilarWeb

This is a thorough analytical tool for digital marketers to have a complete and clear picture of a business, audience, and competitors. It is meant to check various key metrics such as website traffic, keyword ranking, engagement rate, etc. Just a single click, and you can easily receive valuable statistics regarding such metrics for any website. It also helps you to find the main traffic sources of any site.  

Before you start your journey with SimilarWeb, you are required to agree to the collection of click start data such as web navigation, web request, storage, etc. Data is to be collected on those areas that you surf online.

2. Grammarly  

It can be referred to as a personal writing assistant that students, professionals, writers, etc. use to proofread and edit their content. It comprises checking grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, etc.   T

This tool is not only efficient in his work but is also one of the most popular extensions worldwide. Writing content that is full of mistakes can influence your brand’s image negatively. Moreover, it can also hamper the ranking factors of your website poorly. Thus, creating error-free writing is quite significant for boosting your online presence.  

The performance of this extension is optimal for any website. It even has various other features which can be availed of, if you purchase the premium plan.  

3. Favorite keys  

One of the critical ways to boost efficiency and improve user experience is the effectively manage all various links of different websites. Many digital marketers have to face various issues while managing several links simultaneously. Favorite keys can be a great tool to help digital marketers in this regard.  

It is a lightweight extension that helps to save various links as well as bookmarks with relevant keywords. It’s free of cost and does not store any of your information. You also don’t have to sign up to use this extension.

4. Hashtest

Hashtags are a great medium to ensure your content reaches the relevant audience. Although, using hashtags every time is not always necessary. However, if you use them, make sure that they prove to be of great value. And that’s where Hashtest can be beneficial.

As the name suggests, Hashtest deals with testing the quality of those hashtags which you are considering. So next time when you are about to create a post, making use of Hashtag can determine which hashtags can add value to your post and boost its reach to various online users.  

Hashtest analyzes various sets of data and conducts number-crunching to determine the best quality hashtags. It’s a very simple yet effective Chrome extension that every content marketer must use.   

5. SEOquake  

SEO can be overwhelming if you are or not familiar with its concepts. That’s where downloading the SEOquake extension can be helpful for digital marketers.  

This extension is really helpful as it provides you a detailed and swift SEO report of a webpage. It is free of cost option that offers several SEO metrics, SEO audits, etc. It further helps in receiving a comprehensive analysis of SERPs, evaluate keywords difficulty, check social statistics for various social media channels, compare URLs, and so on. It is a perfect option for monitoring SEO in terms of its evaluation. you can go for the best digital marketing course in delhi and learn advanced SEO techniques.

With SEOquake, you can further diagnose various SEO problems and fix them as well.

6. Boomerang for Gmail  

This extension deals with handling the flow of your emails. In other words, it helps to send emails to the right audience at the right time, so that your potential customers are most likely to view them and respond in such a way in which you want.  

One can even schedule emails for the future as it helps to ensure that people residing in different time zones can receive them at the correct time.  


Google chrome has not been less than a boon for various companies to enhance their productivity. What has added to its benefits is a list of thousands of extensions that further improve the efficiency of various marketing techniques.  

All you need is to select the best Chrome Extensions which offer a user-friendly approach and help your websites rank higher.              

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