9 Kamalika Chanda Web Series List (18+ Only)

Uncover 7 Kamalika Chanda web series for 2024, each offering bold, adult-only content with engaging stories and performances.

Kamalika Chanda Web Series- You must have seen her in the 2015 controversial movie ‘She’ playing the role of Pinki Pramanik, an Asian Games gold medallist who was accused of rape. The role put her on the map and made her a household name. Listed below are some of the best Kamalika Chanda web series to watch online this weekend.

Best Kamalika Chanda Web Series To Watch Online

1. Ghar Sasur

Kamalika Chanda Web Series
Cast:Bharti Jha
Kamalika Chanda
Ashraf Saifee
Crew:Director: SSK

A lazy guy aspires to become a billionaire without doing any work. Despite his wrong attitude, he makes a smart plan to earn a ton of money. She traps a wealthy woman in his love and manipulates her to marry her in order to get authority over his wealth and status. 

2. Ranjish

Kamalika Chanda Web Series To Watch Online
Cast:Kamalika Chanda
Ekta More
Kamana Newar
Crew:Director: Soon update

The story of this Kamalika Chanda web series revolves around a couple where their relationship is on the brink of separation. Meanwhile, the husband starts having a sexual relationship with the maid. Plus their daughter is a lesbian and finds the maid attractive and wants to be with her instead of boys. Now the maid needs to decide whom to choose. Will she ever find true love and will remain in a love triangle? Watch the web series as the drama unfolds.

3. Sautele

Cast:Kamalika Chanda
Deepak Dutt Sharma
Fravash Ranjan
Crew:Director: soon update

This time, Kamalika Chanda will be sharing screen space with Ekta More. Both of them have garnered quite a fanbase due to their bold scenes on screen. Make sure you are 18+ once you start watching it as they are filled with sexually explicit details. 

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4. Pathshala Part 2

Pathshala Part 2
Cast:Ankita Dave
Kamalika Chanda
Crew:Director: Not known

Malai Bhabhi owns a small Pathshala where girls are coming to study but behind closed doors, something else is going on. 

5. My Darling

My Darling
Cast:Kamalika Chanda
Joydee Das
Abhishek Roy
Crew:Director: Arpa Khan

Kamalika Chanda will sharing ther screen space with Jopydee Das, Deep Kumar Singh, Abhishek Roy and Anu Singh in a supporting role. It will be directed by A. Khan. 

6. Happy Ending 

Cast:Kamalika Chanda
Crew:Director: Krishna DK, Raj Nidimoru

A young boy comes to the city of Kolkata for a better life. Meanwhile, he starts giving private tuition to a young girl from a wealthy background. Soon he starts to develop for her but because of his situation, he decides to take a step back. 

7. Mastram

Mastram Web Series
Cast:Anshuman Jha
Tara-Alisha Berry
Jagat Rawat
Crew:Director: Aryan Sunil

The cast of the web series features Kamalika Chanda, Aakash Dabhade, Anshuman Jha, Jagat Singh Rawat, Aabha Paul, Kenisha Awasthi, Tara Alisha Berry, and Tara Alisha Berry in prominent roles. The story has been written by Aryan Sunil and produced under Almighty Motion Picture. It revolves around a clerk who loves to write novels in the erotic genre. 

8. Ek Raat

Kamalika Chanda has received many good reviews from the critics as well as the audience. The web series has bold scenes so viewer discretion is advised. 

OTT Platform Firoj Khan
Cast Kamalika Chanda, Tripti Berra and Payal Patil

9. lodam Bhabhi

In the village, there lives a married woman Lodam running a sewing school. She has three students but soon local men start to get attracted to them.

Director Satyam Srivastava
Cast Kamalika Chanda, Tripti Berra and Harry Khatri

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