8 Reasons Why Getting a Toy Poodle is a Great Idea

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Not sure if toy poodle is the right breed for you? Getting a designer dog is a bigger decision as they are expensive and not easy to find. Here are reasons why you should get one.

1. They are available in a Range of Color:

An advantage of having a toy poodle is that you can choose the colour you prefer. They come in different colours, including red, blue, apricot, silver, brown, and black. It may be tough at times to know the exact colour when they are puppies. Get your dog from experienced toy poodle breeders who can help you pick the right puppy. For example, if you are looking for a Sable toy poodle, they have a strong black coat that fades as they grow. Since this is a rare colour, it is expensive. You can opt for any colour toy poodle. All of them look adorable.

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2. They are Smart:

Toy Poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds known as per studies. In fact, they rank second in terms of intelligence. They understand commands quickly after a few repetitions. Discipling them is much easier than other breeds. This also mean they get bored easily, so you should always keep them engaged throughout the day.

Start by teaching them their name at a young age. Train them to sit-stay and lie down. These are easy commands, and if you are consistent, you can teach them much more. Though they are smart, you will need to be patient and consistent with them and do it the right way.

3. They Do Not Shed Much:

Who does not love retriever breeds? But the only issue is they shed a lot. You can be relieved, as the toy poodle breed does not shed much. The reason being they have a single curly and dense coat. Double coat dogs shed a lot than others, as their undercoat also shed seasonally. This means these dogs are hypoallergenic, and if you are allergic to dog fur, you should definitely consider this breed. Your bed carpets and home will remain clean. You should take care of grooming them regularly to avoid tangling in their curly coat.

4. They Have a High Immunity:

Toy poodles may seem delicate as they are small, but they are known for their high immunity. This means you need to visit the vet less. As they are hypoallergenic dogs, they are not prone to infections and severe allergies. They are not always healthy, though, as they obviously can be vulnerable to diseases like other dogs. Their common health issues include thyroid problems, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and Addison’s disease.

To keep your dog healthy, you need to give them proper nutrition with a balanced diet. Also, make half-yearly vet visits a must to keep a check on your dog’s health.

5. They are Travel-Friendly Dogs:

It is tough to leave your dog back home, but toy poodles are perfect travel companions. They are small in size, which means you can easily carry them. Most airlines allow you to carry them along with you in the cabin, unlike big dogs that need to be sent to the cargo section of the flight. They can also travel with you in your vehicle. Just ensure you have prepared them for it. You should start with short rides first to make them used to car travel. While you take them by road, feed them one hour before the drive, keep them hydrated throughout, but do not give them excess water, or else they will want to urinate more. You can use a dog car seat and a seat belt for dogs to secure your dog. Remember to take short breaks on the way so that your dog can relieve itself and not soil your car seat.

6. They Have a Good Life-Span:

It is painful to see your dog die, but it is inevitable. The happy news is that toy poodles have a long lifespan of about 14 to 18 years. Obviously, they are prone to health issues as they get older, hence feed them the right nutrition and give them enough exercise to stay healthy. Let them drink a lot of water, brush their teeth and provide them with a good exercise routine. Do not forget to visit the vet for a general check-up half-yearly.

7. They are Perfect Apartment Dogs:

One of the important factors to consider while adopting a dog is what is your apartment size. It is not a good idea if you get a large dog while you live in an apartment. Such breeds are really energetic and need a lot of space to run around, which your dog will not get in the apartment. Toy Poodles are small in size; hence they are perfect for apartment living. They do not need a lot of exercise hence happily sit along with you. You can easily train them to stop this behaviour if they bark a lot, unlike Chihuahuas, who are not preferred by any neighbours.

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8. They are Good Family Dog:

It is always a concern when you get a dog for your family as you need to choose a breed that can get along with everyone. The good news is that Toy poodles are good with every family member and not selective in showing affection. Not just that, they are friendly with strangers too hence if you have friends visiting over, there is nothing to be worried about. Further, if you own another pet and want a breed that can co-exist, a toy poodle is the perfect fit. This dog will also gel well with your kid, and you can safely let the dog play with your child as they are kid-friendly dogs as well.

The Bottom Line-They are Fun to be Around:

When you get a dog, you want your life to become fun and colourful, and getting a toy poodle exactly does that. They act as a fantastic play pal to you and your family. They love games and activities and can spruce up a boring day and make you smile for no reason.

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