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Andrew D. Baglino Net Worth 2024: How Much is the Tesla Executive Worth?

Who is Andrew D. Baglino?

Andrew D. Baglino is a prominent figure in the manufacturing industry, particularly renowned for his role as the Senior Vice President of Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla Inc. Baglino’s journey to success began in 2006 when he joined Tesla as an electrical engineer. Over the years, he has made significant contributions to the company’s technological advancements, particularly in powertrain and energy engineering.

Andrew D. Baglino’s Career

Baglino’s career at Tesla has been marked by notable achievements and advancements. Starting as an electrical engineer, he worked on crucial projects such as motor control firmware and digital test equipment for the Tesla Roadster. His expertise led him to become the Director of Engineering for Tesla Energy, where he played a pivotal role in designing powertrain systems for Tesla vehicles. By 2019, Baglino assumed the position of Senior Vice President, overseeing powertrain and energy engineering operations at Tesla.

Andrew D. Baglino’s Net Worth

As of April 1st, 2024, Andrew D. Baglino’s estimated net worth stands at least $5.04 million. This estimation is based on his ownership of 31,230 shares of Tesla stock, valued at over $5 million. Additionally, Baglino earns a salary of $303,000.00 per year as the SVP of Tesla Inc. His net worth does not account for any other investments he may possess.

Andrew D. Baglino’s Age

Andrew D. Baglino is currently 43 years old, making him a seasoned executive within Tesla’s leadership. His extensive experience and expertise contribute significantly to the company’s innovation and success in the manufacturing industry.

Andrew D. Baglino’s Family: Husband and Children

While specific details about Andrew D. Baglino’s family life are not widely available, it is known that he has been married for several years. His wife is described as being highly supportive, and together, they have built a life filled with happiness and fulfillment. However, details regarding his children are not publicly disclosed.

Andrew D. Baglino’s Height and Weight

Andrew D. Baglino stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs approximately 84 kilograms. While physical attributes do not define his professional capabilities, this information provides insight into his profile.

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