Atheist, Kioi Junior’s Funeral Takes Place In A Christian Way With A Bishop and Hymns

Kioi Junior, known as Gibson Kioi Wairimu from Kenya, is a well-known rapper and musician. Kioi was born into a Christian family and was raised according to their religious beliefs and practices. However, as he grew up, he developed his own beliefs and turned out to be someone who doesn’t believe in God, an atheist.

Atheist, Kioi Junior’s Funeral Takes Place In A Christian

Kioi shared in interviews about his identifying as an atheist, saying, “I live as if there is no God, and I don’t think people should lie to themselves. All I need is proof that either God or Satan exists. Faith is ignorance,” he said in 2020.

However, tragically, Kioi Junior died because of complications as he got sick. And even though he had a firm belief in God not existing, his burial was done in a completely Christian way. A pastor was there who chanted the holy rhythms, and hymns were also sung at his ceremony. People gave their memorial speeches at his funeral too.

Netizens and his fans found it severely interesting that Kioi, being someone who doesn’t particularly believe in God, had a funeral that was very Christian and very conventional. There was even a bishop who led the way in the crematory ground and chanted the holy word as he was buried.

People online are shocked by the news of Kioi Junior’s death. Some people are also saying that it’s ironic he was buried in a Christian way given his beliefs. They suggest others should not mock God in public and should respect their religious beliefs.

The story of Kioi’s death is extremely sad and tragic for his friends, family, and fans. However, this also suggests that even if someone has a certain mind of religious belief, at the end of the day, it’s up to the family as to how they want to see their loved ones off if something ever were to happen to them.

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