Charlotte Shooting: Four Officers Killed and Others Wounded While Serving Warrant

The Charlotte shooting has resulted in four law enforcement officers being fatally shot. Four other officers sustained serious wounds. This occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, while the officers were serving a warrant, reported by BBC News.

Authorities announced that two armed individuals were behind the shooting.

Police said that in the front yard of a barricaded home, one of the attackers was found dead.

The officers who went to rescue them were part of a task force led by the US Marshals Service.

They were investigating a felony related to the illegal possession of a firearm following gunfire on a suburban street.

Johnny Jennings, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief, told a news conference that when gunshots were fired at an assailant in the front yard, multiple shots were returned from the house.

He added that a rifle was also found on the property.

The police chief stated,

“Today we lost some heroes who were out simply trying to keep our community safe.”

He added that this incident was the worst he could recall in his entire career. 

Four Officers Fatally Shot, Additional Wounded In Charlotte Shooting

According to The New York Times, police armored vehicles smashed their way in by destroying doorways and windows and the assault finally ended.

A 17-year-old boy and a woman were inside the property. They were questioned extensively. Police believed that “at least one of them shot at officers.”

In a statement, the US Marshals Service confirmed that one of its officials was killed during the raid.

Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina stated that two of the deceased officers (Sam Poloche and William “Alden” Elliott) were part of the state’s Department of Adult Corrections (NCDAC).

Another officer who was killed was Joshua Eyer, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Officer.

In the wake of this incident, several schools and academic institutions in the area were placed under lockdown.

Residents along Interstate 77 were urged to shelter in place and hide themselves on nearby streets. Ambulance rescues were also facilitated.

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A witness told local media,

“It’s been pretty crazy. It was about 30 minutes when it was a straight shootout.”

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