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Cybercrime Branch Busts Rs 1.15 Cr Extortion Ring in Ahmedabad, 13 Arrested

The Ahmedabad Police’s Cybercrime Branch has successfully apprehended 13 individuals involved in an extortion ring that defrauded a complainant of over Rs 1.15 crore. The criminals posed as FedEx employees and falsely accused the victim of shipping illegal items to Taiwan. The main suspect, Moin Altaf Nao, is in custody and efforts are underway to recover the stolen money.

The Cybercrime Branch used a combination of technical and human intelligence to track down the suspects, who were spread across cities like Rajkot, Dhoraji, Kutiana, and Upaleta. Coordinated raids were conducted in these locations, leading to the arrests of the individuals involved in the fraudulent scheme. 14 mobile phones used in the fraud were seized during the operations.

The accused individuals, including Mihir Ramnikbhai Topiya, Ankit Bhalabhai Desai, and Prakril Lovejibhai Valani, face serious charges as investigations reveal the extent of their criminal activities. The suspects are believed to have targeted multiple victims in different states, highlighting the widespread nature of their illegal operations. Authorities are continuing to gather more information about the case.


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