Duolingo Review 2021: Does it worth your time? Can it teach you a language? everything you need to know

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Want to learn English? But bored with the traditional ways of learning a language. Here is an interesting way to learn English and other languages. Duolingo app can help you to learn English in different exciting methods. 

Duolingo is a simple user-friendly app for language learners. It’s simple to use.

You need to set up your profile, choose the language you want to learn. It also gives you the option to set your weekly, monthly goals.

Duolingo Review 2021: Duolingo Lessons

There are different modules available to shape your skills.

These are a step by step modules designed from low to higher difficulty levels. Once you complete the first module then automatically it will take you to the next module.

In case you are already aware and expert of certain lessons and you want to skip it, then given the test and pass it to skip the whole lesson. When you start learning any language you need to pass certain tests, so the app can determine your fluency level in that language.

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Duolingo: What kind of different Lessons does it offer?

  • It gives different activities like ‘Translate this sentence’. 
  • They will show you certain images or photos and you need to speak out the name of the object on your mic.
  • New words or vocabulary is also taught with different images or photos for better understanding.
  • There is one more option available as ‘Tips’ to check your understanding of the grammar and other skills.
  • There will also be a listening exercise to make you familiar with the pronunciation of the word.
  • Duolingo also provide two options for your review of your learning level i.e.“regular practice” or “hard practice”.
  • This app allows people to learn at their own pace and actual learning which can sustain for a longer time.

Duolingo Review 2021: Daily Progress

 Duolingo helps you to track your daily progress and also you can earn “lingots”. lingots are the Duolingo currency you earn as you answer questions correctly.

The lingots can be used to buy different costumes for the Duolingo like owl mascot, Duo, or freeze your streak if you know you’ll miss a day.

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How is Duolingo for Language Learners?

Reviews of Duolingo

  • Duolingo has reminders and trackers to track your progress, which helps you to understand your performance better.
  • The Duolingo app motivates you to keep on trying and learning language through its different features.
  • You start learning and using simple sentences every day.
  • A user-friendly interface and easy-to-use learning approach
  • Lots of visual learning helps you to memorize words for a longer time.
  • Stories and a podcast are also available for new learners.

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