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Essential Things You Should Know About Paddle Boards

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Do you know about stand up paddleboards? Have you ever used this? If not, here in this article, we will let you know all general to essential detail about paddleboard. Not only this, but we will also study different types of paddleboard in detail and what its uses are, and how to use it. For this, you need to be linked with us and read the article thoroughly. 

 The best inflatable paddle board is used while practicing stand-up paddle boarding sport. It is a water sport in which a rider standing on a paddleboard moves through the water. However, it comes up a few years ago as a new sport in the industry. But this is one of the fastest-growing board sports in the world and known for the acronym SUP. Under this, a rider makes use of arms while lying, kneeling, or standing on a paddleboard to move through the water. 

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Know more about stand up paddle boarding sport

This sport is a new hit in the water sporting industry. A rider can practice this sport on any water type like fresh or salty water, whether it’s of river, lake or ocean. The quality of water has nothing to do with it. It is a sport for people of all ages; even a young or an adult can practice this sport if they love to enjoy the adventurous water journey.

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But it is different from surfing; some people may misguide this as a sport, same as surfing. Under this, the rider makes use of a stand-up paddleboard to move through the water, while in surfing, the rider uses the surfer’s body and hands to paddle out in the surf of water. Likewise, in stand-up paddling, the rider doesn’t have to wait for the sea waves to come in ad keep moving. Thus we can say traditional surfing and stand-up paddleboard are two different sport.

As we have discusses earlier how a paddleboard is essential to experience this sport so, let us discuss its types and uses in detail-

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 Different types of paddleboard

When you explore the market, you will find that the best inflatable paddle board comes up in different shapes and sizes to serve the purpose of different types of paddling. Thus it is important to choose the right board size for your particular purpose. Basically, it comes up in three different types, which are mentioned below-

Surfing boards

These boards are specifically designed for surfing. When it comes to size, these are smaller in size and low in volume. Its shape is like the shape of a nose, which means narrower from the front. This narrow shape makes it easier to catch and curve the waves to make them turn fastly. As compared to other boards, these boards are less stable. It is not suitable for the flat water surface as it moves very slowly and doesn’t track well.

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Touring boards

Unlike surfing boards, these are suitable for flatwater surfaces like lakes, rivers, or open water surfaces. These are well-designed boards that are high in volume and thus more stable for stand-up paddle sports. Touring boards are more in demand of riders, thus available in different sizes and shapes to serve the needs of different riders.

Al- around boards

As its name suggests, this board type is suitable for all water conditions, whether it is traditional surfing or trending stand up paddle sports. If you are a beginner in any water sport and haven’t tried it earlier, all-around water boards are recommended to you to practice well in various water sports. This board type comes up with a great volume and ensures good stability.

These are the three basic types of stand up paddleboards that you will find in the market. You can choose the specific type according to your needs and preferences. Now it is good to understand its uses in detail to have complete knowledge about it-

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Various uses of stand up paddleboards

 The best inflatable paddle board serves various uses on the basis of different size, stability, and volume. Let us discuss its uses-

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On the basis of size

Paddleboards used in different water sports come in different sizes and serves a different purpose. The length of the board matters its maneuverability, like paddleboards, which are smaller in size, are less stable but more maneuverable. While longer boards of size over 11 feet ensure greater stability and track well even at rough water surfaces. But it is to be noted that the longer boards take more skills to maneuver.

On the basis of shape

Likewise, different sizes of paddleboard impact its different maneuverability shapes of paddleboard affects its stability. Generally, there are two shapes of a paddleboard, one is a planning hull shape, and the other is a displacement hull shape. A planning hull shape board helps the rider lift easily and rides at the top of the water while a displacement hull shaped board reaches a point and the cutout through the water. Its shape is similar to a bow of a ship.

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On the basis of volume

This is important for a paddler to choose the board according to his body weight and the weight of equipment he carries along with him. If you haven’t experienced any water sport before, it is advisable to choose the paddleboard that is more volume and stable.

Apart from this, a board comes up with a fin that goes into the water. This also has a significant effect on the stability and maneuverability of the paddleboard. If you choose a board with a shorter fin, it provides more maneuverability, but it is less stable while taller fins 

ensure greater stability but limiting maneuverability.

Final words

This article provides a complete knowledge about standup paddle sports and how it is different from surfing. It also describes the paddleboards used in this water sport. If you haven’t purchased it before, it gives you a complete guide regarding its different types available in the market and finding the best inflatable paddleboard and its uses in detail.

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