A Fleet Management Guide to Selecting the Best Car GPS Tracker in India

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Investment decisions for businesses are not easy to make. Particularly when you plan to buy a car GPS tracker in India for your fleet business, you do need to research thoroughly. With a rise in the number of GPS tracking solutions available in the market, it can seem like a daunting challenge to navigate your way through the considerable number of options. Also, the functionality and feature set of each car GPS tracker in India varies. But your choice should depend on the needs of your business. Click Here to Enquire About Kent CamEye GST Tracker.

A car GPS tracker is not a ‘one size fits all solution’ in India. Compared to the needs of a large corporate company, the functionality that a small to medium-sized corporation needs may vary greatly. It needs research on available options to find the best system for your business.

All GPS trackers function the same way – at any given time, they monitor the location of your fleet. They vary only in terms of program functionality and packages. Read below to decide on buying a specific type of car GPS tracker you need for your business that offers better profitability.

Identify What Your Company Needs

You can start by collecting information from each department, whatever specifics they need about the fleet. Identify issues related to your fleet that are important to your organization as well.

What is it that you need GPS for?

What is your objective?

Know for yourself if you need to decrease fuel consumption, improve customer loyalty, increase fleet protection, monitor business vehicles, avoid fleet breakdowns that can be prevented, or manage remote staff.

Think About Future Needs

In the times to come, you will have to think ahead about what your business would need. If you want a scalable, reliable, and economical tracking system, consider a cloud-based GPS tracking system. It is easy to use since it is possible to access monitoring information anywhere with an Internet connection. Besides, as software upgrading is automatic, no maintenance is needed.

Do Your Research Properly

You need to dig deeper while searching for the right car GPS tracker in India for fleet tracking. List the brands you believe meet your requirements. Then understand each product’s features before you come up with a few options. Read feedback and watch videos from the demo.

If you know someone who has bought a specific system, consider asking about the system’s customer service. When you have questions about a product, choose the company that has a readily accessible support team. KENT CamEye is one such brand that offers next-generation features and provides a free demo to understand the specifications in detail.

Choose a Tracker with Notification Feature

You can’t stare 24/7 at your GPS fleet monitoring program. The chosen GPS tracker should do the monitoring for you, giving you real-time alerts and updates when anything needs your attention.

You can select the best car GPS tracker in India: KENT CamEye for such needs. Configure the notifications you want to receive, such as when a vehicle exits or enters, if a driver is off-road or crosses geo-fences, and if the driver is indulging in dangerous driving habits like over speeding or rash driving.

Look for Driving Behaviour Tracking Feature

Similarly, to keep your employees and other drivers safe, a car GPS tracker in India should be able to monitor driving behaviour. It can monitor the background of routes, such as when a driver leaves the road, is off schedule, has prolonged idling times, or makes too many stops. Hard turns, sudden stops, and other accidents should also be reported.

Mobile Access

If you’re away from your desk, sometimes a smartphone car GPS tracker app is a great choice. It gives you access to all the GPS data right on your smartphone. Many apps even allow you to perform certain duties, such as contacting drivers and sending directions. Not all providers, however, offer a mobile app. Check that your provider has a mobile-friendly, web-based version of the program as mobile access is important.

One way to increase your fleet business’s productivity and security is by installing car GPS trackers in India from reliable brands like KENT. Not only can you track anything with constant and thorough monitoring, but the drivers can also take their job seriously. KENT CamEye, developed and engineered in India, is the ideal solution for Indian consumers’ safety needs.

And what is more? KENT CamEye is quick and easy to install. It takes power from the 12V car socket and does not interfere with electrical wiring or the OBD port of the vehicle. So, do not wait and book a free demo today!

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