Honda Elevate-based WR-V receives a dog-friendly special edition in Japan

Honda Access, the maker of Honda genuine accessories, showcased an accessorised version called the ‘Honda Dog’ with pet-friendly accessories for the WR-V. The special edition offering was recently on display at the Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo. The made-in-India Honda Elevate was launched in Japan earlier this year as the all-new WR-V and the compact SUV has now received a one-off special edition, specifically designed for our furred friends.

The Honda WR-V Dog Edition gets several accessories including a dog carrier that can be mounted on the front passenger seat. The carrier itself can accommodate two small dogs and gets a grey pet door cover. The rear seats get a pet seat circle recommended for small and medium-sized dogs, along with anchorages for the leashes. There’s also a stroller and carrier basket tucked away in the boot of the Japanese-spec Elevate.

Honda Access has given the SUV a unique treatment for display. This includes the new vertically-stacked grille, replacing the stock unit on the SUV. Customers can also opt for dog paw-themed aluminum wheel caps and key covers. Honda has a history of rolling out dog-friendly models over the years, showcasing the Element Concept in 2009 and the Honda Odyssey owned by “Drift King” Keiichi Tsuchiya in Japan.

In Japan, urban areas are known for dog ownership, with pets considered part of the family. The role of dogs has transitioned from working animals to domestic companions in Japanese culture. The Honda Elevate for the Japanese market is manufactured in India at Honda’s Tapukara plant in Rajasthan, using the same 1.5-liter petrol engine with manual and automatic transmission options. The SUV is priced between ₹11.69 lakh and ₹16.43 lakh in India.

Pet-friendly accessories for the Honda WR-V will be a big hit for pet parents in India, where dogs are increasingly seen as important members of the family. The special edition ‘Honda Dog’ with its unique accessories caters to the growing trend of pet-friendly vehicles. It’s a step towards accommodating the changing dynamics of pet ownership alongside domestic transportation needs.

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