How to Become a Professional Footballer: Full Guide [2021]

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Soccer in Europe, known as Football in Asia is the Most Popular Sport in World, It has a fan base of an estimated 3.5 Billion Followers all over the World, more than 200 Countries officially participate in this Sport. More Than 250 Million Players play football for more than 200 Countries. This means if you want to choose Soccer or Football as your Career, then you have to face so many Tough Challenges. Especially if you belong to a European Country. But don’t worry, if you have the passion and Courage to Become a Successful Professional Footballer Then you will definitely become a Professional Footballer, or Football Player, or Soccer Player.

Here we tell you about the full Journey in 5 Steps of becoming a Professional Footballer or Football Player or Soccer Player:

1: Stay Committed

2:  Make a Plan

3: Build Strong Relationships

4: Get a Good Agent

5: Enjoy the Grind

1. Commitment

How Committed are you to the Game? Very Few Players go to the top stage like Messi Ronaldo, Neymar. Take a Look at the Last 30 Days, Can you honestly say the most you can give. If you want to be a Professional Player, you have to take the Game Seriously and put your heart into the game.

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2. Map out a Plan

If you are under 16, there are only a few things you have to Focus on, Choosing an Academy is the best way, which is going to easily available for all of you, But choosing to work on your Fundamental’s and give better to the Game is obviously going to benefit you Tremendously. Once you become over the age of 18, the world is going to open up to you and there will be opportunities Like Open Trials, but the truth is you need to know theirs all about. You have to pay for Hotel, your Transportation, and for every Facility. If you obviously want to go there, go to if you have enough money.

3. Build Relationships

The main thing is that you have to make is Network. Make good Relationships with Coaches, Staff, and Other Players to learn more about this game and to become a Pro. And then make good Relationships with people inside the football world, because these are the peoples that truly control the chances and opportunities that you are trying to get. The World of Football Corrupt at times that can be many Agents and peoples who will promise you that they will definitely give you a chance to play in Professional Football Leagues. But what you need to is never pay an agent until you sign your Contract.

4. Get a Good Agent

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Point no. 4 is how you can contact a Good Agent, There are many ways to do that. Through Links, Contact Clubs near and ask them about any good Agent. But First, start with your City to Find an Agent. Because there is no reason for you to email an Agent in India if you live in England. If you don’t get it, then get the help of the internet and Email Them.

5. Persistence

Now the last point is Persistence, Commitment to Excellence. No Matter what you do, No matter how much you achieve. You still have to go more and more, you always have to Practice it will never be Over, Even if had some Success, the struggle never ends. Every time you feel you have gone to a new level, you have to Keep Going and you have to Keep Strive and work hard to go to the Next it will never end. Be truly love to the Game, Enjoy the Struggle and Adventure.

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