How to Clear Cookies in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Other Browsers

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Surfing through websites, scrolling through feeds, and newsletters are the most common activity we do a daily basis. You as a netizen pretty much have a decent amount of experience in using the internet. You must have an e-mail, an online bank account or a Netflix subscription. You may also have a YouTube account where you may watch trailers, teasers, songs and what not!

The cookies

Well as netizen cookies are something you will have to deal with all the time while signing up a new account or logging into any of your existing accounts. They also affect Norton 360 login sometimes. 

These cookies are pretty beneficial with some grave down points. 

Firstly cookies are convenient when it comes to re-entering passwords to some of your essential account or favourite websites. As these cookies save all your passwords, so you can tap on the login menu, and the blanks will be filled automatically. This is great as you don’t have to worry about forgetting your passwords and so. 

Secondly, these cookies also save your preferences online. You must have noticed whenever you like any video on YouTube. Then you will start getting recommendations from YouTube when you refresh your feed. This is because of the cookies of YouTube save your preferences, and later this helps the moderators to recommend the video according to your choice of genre.

One of the significant concern about cookies is that they hold most of your sensitive information related to your online bank accounts, social media accounts or any other such details. There is a chance that any malicious website can take you information from your saved cookies and can misuse the same.

However, most of the people do not hesitate to delete their cookies frequently. While there are others, who don’t care to clear the cookies, because they feel like clearing cookies will remove all their saved passwords of their accounts and other such protected information.

Well, you should understand that clearing cookies are essential to maintain your system’s working speed. Most of the time, bulked up cookies, result in lags in the system as they make it slow.

Now there are specific ways to delete the cookies without deleting the essential ones. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to delete cookies in different browsers in Windows, MAC, Android and IOS.

How to Clear Cookies on Chrome?

  1. Windows or MAC OS
  • Run Chrome 
  • In chrome go to the settings menu, you will find it at the top right corner on your chrome.
  • Now go to the advanced option.
  • There you will find the clear browsing data option.
  • Click on it.
  • You will find a dialogue box which will say clear cookies.
  • There you will have choices to make before clearing your cookies. 
  • You can choose which cookies you want to clear.
  • And then after choosing the suitable cookies, you can clear it with ease.
  1. Android Devices 

This process in phones and tablets is easier, though.

  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • You will see three dots on the right corner.
  • Click on it.
  • It will show you a whole menu.
  • Then you can select settings option in that menu.
  • Then choose privacy option in the settings.
  • There you will find the clear browsing data option.
  • Click on it, and then you will have to choose from your browsing data.
  • After choosing the cookies, you wanted to clear.
  • Tap on the clear data option.
  1. IOS Devices

It is same as Android devices.

  • Open the Chrome app.
  • Go to the settings present in the menu.
  • In settings, go to the clear browsing data option.
  • Select what you want to clear and uncheck what is important.
  • Then click on clear data.

So this is how you can clear and manage your cookies if you are a Chrome user.

How to Clear Cookies on Firefox?

  1. Windows and MAC OS
  • Run Firefox.
  • Go the menu settings present at the top right corner.
  • Select Privacy there.
  • There you will find an option which will say “clear your recent history”.
  • Now you will have to keep in mind that you should not select the important cookies which save your password and other such credentials. If such cookies not important, you can clear them too.
  • However, it will be mindful of you if you double-check before clearing your cookies.
  1. Android Devices

In the case of Android, there are different Android versions of Firefox. So the interface may vary from one another. Although once you find the settings option in, then everything will be similar to given instructions.

  • Click and open the Firefox browser.
  • Click on the menu.
  • Click on the settings.
  • You will find the Privacy & Security option.
  • Click on it.
  • Then you will get another page where you will find an option that goes, “cookies and active logins”.
  • Now select cookies which you want to clear and click on clear data option.
  1. IOS Devices
  • Go to the Firefox menu.
  • You will have to click on the Settings option.
  • Then it will show you the “Privacy &Security” option. Click on it.
  • There you will find another option that will say “clear private data”.
  • Select the cookies of your choice and delete the same.

How to Clear Cookies on Safari?

  • Open Safari browser.
  • At the dropdown menu, you can select “preferences”.
  • Select “privacy” and then click on “manage website data”.
  • Finally, you can select the option of “Remove all” from the menu, and your data will be cleared.

How Clear Cookies on Microsoft Edge?

  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • Go to more.
  • You will find the menu.
  • There you will find settings option.
  • In the settings option, you will scroll down and find the “clear browsing data” option.
  • Then you can click on cookies and saved website data. 
  • Now in there, you can clear your preferred data.

So this is how you can clear the unwanted cookies from your system. Well, there are many other ways to avoid the stacking up cookies. You can use a VPN while surfing on the internet. You must be thinking that how would you save your passwords and important cookies. VPNs have evolved a lot; there you will find many options to save your important data with ease.

You can use services like Norton 360 loginNorton Security login and so on.


Internet is a fun place, and you can learn so many things there. But it is always advisable to stay cautious while sharing your information online. 

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