How to know if you have a valid reason to claim compensation?

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Public liability compensation claims are complex claims that should be evaluated professionally to reach a conclusion if you have a valid reason to make a claim or not. Many people believe that almost every injury in public is a reason of negligence.

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On the other hand, some others that actually have a good cause to make a claim are in the opinion that their injuries are not compensable or are not aware of the rights that protects them. Good thing is, in Australia, if an accident occurred in a place where someone else was in charge, you may have a good reason to make a claim.

Civilian duties for public safety

To provide public safety, laws enforce the people in Australia to act responsibly to avoid accidents that others might experience in a bad way. To contribute to safety for all, small tasks should be completed to prevent accidents. More precisely, these tasks are what a reasonable person would do to avoid harm to others.

Simple responsible actions such as removing dangerous objects in the business that you manage or sweeping the floors can save others from unexpected accidents and injuries. These are simple yet effective preventive measures that can prevent others from suffering injuries.

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Under the laws, a duty of care is a term used to define a legal obligation that is enforced to act in a responsible manner to avoid adverse situations. In public places such as cafés and restaurants, in the traffic, and while performing professions, the duty of care should be obeyed at all costs.

Duty of care of medical professionals to patients

Duty of care in healthcare services exists as an obligation to provide the treatment at acceptable standards and preventing the actions which might cause harm to the patients. Medical employees have the responsibility to obey the standard treatment procedures, evaluate the patient’s medical condition and history before applying a treatment and hesitate to act in a manner that can lead to a worsened health condition.

However, medical negligence claims are among the most time requiring claims as proving the action that caused the harm can be quite confusing. Negligence in medical practices might occur in many forms such as equipment failure, false treatment process, prescription and administration mistakes and anaesthesia failures.

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According to the statistics, a large proportion of medical failures are due to human errors. Generally, medical professionals are insured by medical indemnity insurers. For this reason, compensation can be requested from the insurer in case of medical malpractice.

Duty of care in public liability claims

In daily routine, almost every citizen shares the same responsibility. Basically, this responsibility is to provide a safe environment for others. However, for businesses, extra attention should be given as many items in the business place might be hazardous to visitors if not maintained or positioned correctly.

The majority of the public liability claims are made for slip and fall accidents. This means, small tasks such as sweeping the floors or putting a caution sign could warn others about the risks but ignoring to do so lead to an accident. Slip and fall accidents and being hit by falling or moving objects are occasions that can be prevented by taking necessary care.

People that are suffering the consequences of someone else’s lack of commitment to their duties can claim public liability compensation to cover their loss. The compensation is mostly in monetary form and includes medical expenses, income support payments for past and future loss of income, and lump sum payment if the accident is serious and critical. 

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