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Jaunpur’s Battle: Two Former Ministers and a Mafia Don’s Wife Enter the Fray

Jaunpur Lok Sabha seat has become a center of attention with unexpected twists in the upcoming elections. Sreekala Reddy Singh, wife of former mafia don and MP Dhananjay Singh, will now compete on BSP’s symbol after her husband’s conviction in a kidnapping case. BJP’s Kripa Shankar Singh and SP’s Babu Singh Kushwaha were the main contenders until now.

Dhananjay Singh’s influence in Jaunpur could play a significant role as he had won in the 2009 Lok Sabha polls. The Thakur vote might split between Dhananjay Singh and Kripa Shankar Singh. With Sreekala Reddy Singh’s entry, equations have been disrupted, adding an interesting element to the election dynamics.

In a constituency known for its ‘imarti’ sweet and Chameli oil, Jaunpur faces challenges of neglect and lack of employment opportunities. Sreekala Reddy Singh, asserting her connection to the constituency, states, “Jaunpur will contest the election for me. I am their daughter-in-law and will do as the people of this constituency say.”

While Kripa Shankar Singh expresses confidence in BJP’s performance under PM Modi and CM Yogi, Babu Singh Kushwaha is relying on the support of OBCs, especially the Nishad votes in the region. The election in Jaunpur, scheduled for the sixth phase on May 25, is expected to be a closely watched contest with shifting political equations in play.


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