Jyothi Rai’s Private Explicit Pictures and Videos Leak Online, Goes Viral

Jyothi Rai is a Kannada TV serial actress. Her role in ‘Guppedantha Manasu’ has led her to fame in the media. However, she plays the role of Jagati, who is much older in character than she is, but she expertly takes over the role properly and does the best she can do.

Private Pictures and Videos of Jyothi Rai Leaked, Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Jyothi Rai always tends to post hot and sexy pictures of herself on her social media platforms, which keeps her fans and followers on their toes and always excited.

Jyothi remains on the buzz list because of her works and amazing performance in the same; however, this time, she is making headlines for a different reason.

Recently, Jyothi’s adult, explicit pictures have gone viral on the internet and social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit. People are getting access to her private pictures online.

Now, something that is gaining more attention is the fact that an individual has announced on social media that if their channel reaches more than 1k subscribers on YouTube, they will post more photos of Jyothi online, and they have shared proof of the pictures they have with them.

This has been a cause of concern among many, and people are also tagging the Bengaluru Police on social media to draw attention to this case. Jyothi’s fans and admirers have her back to contact the police and talk to them regarding her.

As of yet, Jyothi Rai has not released any public statement regarding the leak of her private photos online. Currently, many people online continue to post her pictures. Nothing is confirmed or stopped until she or the law authorities in charge take action against this online case.

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