Layla Red Leaks Pictures Of Kai Cenat Sleeping On Her Chest, Streamer Says, “See You In Court”

Famous adult star Layla Red recently leaked photos and videos of streamer Kai Cenat sleeping with her in bed and not paying money to keep the matter private.

The news has become a hot topic in the media, with many demanding strict action against the leaker for breaching Kai’s privacy.

Layla Red Leaks Pictures Of Kai Cenat Sleeping On Her Chest

With that said, Kai Cenat went live on his channel after the news broke where he addressed the controversy, stating-

“There is some dumb sh*t, clout chasing weird ass sh*t going on right now bro. But it’s alright though, it’s alright chat. I’ll see you in court.”

Kai has made it clear that he would be suing the adult star for leaking his private photos and videos on the internet.

He further added- 

“Got you! Okay? Listen to me, okay? I can explain, bro. Listen to me chat, okay, I can explain. There is some weird sh*t going on right now, some weird clout chasing sh*t going right now, bro. And you know what’s so crazy? Do you know that sh*t was in the beginning of 2023? All that sh*t that you guys see right now is 2023 sh*t bro, you feel me? Like, goddamn, bro!”

It has been speculated that the recent alleged leak was done to grab clout on the internet. Soon, he decided to change the subject.

“But yeah, we are not going to talk about it no more. Let’s talk about flowers, rainbows, Ice Spice, come on.”

Till now, there has been no further update regarding the legal case from Kai’s side.

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