Major Reasons Flats Are Better Than Houses

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Investing on flat or house is very crucial decision in our life. Years of saving years of planning we can let go so we have to make shore about what should buy, where to buy? Is it profitable? Is it good for family or not? This kind of question surrounding when we want to buy a house. After the all clarity we buy a house. Hence, you are required to keep all possible points in your mind before take decision regarding buy a flat or make selection of flat or house. It is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.

Before taking decision to buy a house, do you ask yourself which is the best flat or house…? As per real estate and other survey when we buying first time or any time flat is the best choice to live life. Actually there are lots of benefits to living in flat rather than house but it might be not for everyone but it is best option when we have want secure life.

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1. Price:

The most major benefit is cost of properties. Most of the time we can’t afford the land cost after that expensive while build a house as per we want and most precious time, we have invest our time and money lot compare to flat. House price are so high at this movement and it’s very hard to buy house with 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms. So most of the many people are living with their parents in confectioned rented house to save money on rent for their conveying house, it’s going to take you a lot longer. 

If you choose Flat In Pune then it’s easy to buy if you have a down payment for your new flat after that you can pay your balance amount as an installment that feels likes you paying your rent when you are staying in rent house but after some period that flat will be ours so it’s profitable as the survey of real estate business and this kind of opportunities not available in house.

2. Location:

Location is one of the most important factor when we choosing a property. If you are young and just starting your career, it’s profitable when you buy a house in good city center location but House price are so high in city centers or good location and within walking distance to all needs place for this you are really going to struggle, might be you find a house but the price is going to over your budget in most of the cases. It’s cheaper and easier to find a good location or city center when you are buying flat. 

Most of the major cities and their most of area are cover with flats because of everyone needs to live in center of city and they also want to enjoy all city life and best location which have public transport links and nobody want spend their money and time in travelling.  

Most of the land lords of the house are giving their house for rent not sale so we only have option that is flat and its best option when you want invest your money in real estate.

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3. Security:

Security is most important concern for home owners, epically when you are living in big cities. As per survey home owner can’t spend plenty money on security because security equipment are high prize which is very necessary to safety for your family. Security Equipment is inexpensive monitoring, durable equipment and reliable services that simplify home security this are very expensive and for maintain of these equipments are very difficult. If you have home in city then you need these equipment but if you have flat then no need of this equipment.

In Flat when we buy it this all security think come under the agreement mostly. Security guard, multiple gates, neighbors, society people or in other flat people in ground area or in way of the path of your flat area and other security things is not possible to break by thief so it’s very self place to live life without any security tension and expensive equipments.

4. Amenities:

Who don’t love to have a big house with a gym in basement, playground for child, backyard, a swimming pool, and other amenities but everyone can afford this things in home. Amenities are most of the time we can’t use because we have busy schedule but for health we need it, for our parents they also need this kind of some amenities to spend their lonely time with friends and neighbors and most important for our next generation they need mostly they learn good things from the society they don’t need to go daily for fresh air and to play. 

More than 40+ amenities available in flat in Pune. This are affordable cost and this are cheaper than house in Pune and because of the flat in Pune you can save your money on buying own amenities. 

Think twice or more times but make shore what you what to buy house or flat in Pune? Choice is yours because flat system can’t suit everyone it’s depends on your wealth, comforts, requirement, and so on…it’s your choice what you want to and where you want to live your life as you want.

If you want to purchase flat then we best builders who provides best facility with more options.  Godrej, Joyville, Goel Ganga, Rise Land, shapoorji Pallonji are have projects all over in India and they gives best offers as well as pre-lunch offer with discount.

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These were some points which one should keep in mind while buying a house, this protects you from Years of saving years of planning as well as gives you a good idea of how the market works. Projects situated near IT parks can help you get better returns because employment rates increases for which demand of houses are also increasing. Projects like Shapoorji Sensorium, Shapporji pallonji bavdhan, Shapouri Pallonji  BKC, Goel Ganga legend, Goel Ganga Serio, have good names in the market. If possible you should seek to projects like this. Places like Hinjewadi, Hadarpar, Bavdhan in Pune have gained profits in the past because they are nearer to IT parks. According to research, Pune contributes almost 40% of profit in the real estate market which means Pune alone city has such demand now and in following years. Pune is rich in every field whether it’s Culture, living or Education it has always proven to be best. Pune itself is fulfilled city where you will find happiness on everyone’s face. 

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