Megan Boni, The Girl Who Wrote, “I’m Looking For A Man” Viral TikTok Song

We all have our type when it comes to choosing our date or the guy/girl we like. Some of us think that we have to be tall, kind, loyal, persistent, compassionate, and more along those lines, right? So, Megan Boni simply wrote about her type in men, and it included the fact that he should be a guy in finance, 6’2″, and other characteristics.

Here’s Who Megan Boni Is

The song started being so addictive that it started booming on the internet, and everyone can be seen using that song in their videos. That is not just it; the song was remixed by DJs to make it a bop! Then the DJ mix was used at clubs and more.

Megan used to work at a corporate office. After the boom of the video and her song, she says that she hasn’t been able to sleep all day. Megan quit her job, and her company was okay with it. Instead of a job now, she has a manager and an agent who takes care of the contracts and messages she gets for the credit of the video and doing remixes with her song.

Megan says that this journey from being an ordinary office worker to someone whose song is all over the internet has been a huge one. Megan opens up that she cannot believe this whole thing has been going on like this and it’s a very surreal event for her, because of which Megan is extremely happy and elated.

“I have calls with major companies. I have all these DJs who want to release the first single with me, so I’m suddenly navigating the music industry,” Megan says. People have used this song, made their own versions of it, made it about their personal lives, and more.

Megan has said that the full version of the song will be out soon. She might start appearing in live shows and concerts that will be hosted. Megan might just try her hand at comedy now, after all.

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