Michael Slater, former Australian cricketer, collapses in court following bail denial in domestic violence case, as per reports.

Former Australian cricketer Michael Slater collapsed in court after his bail application was rejected on domestic violence charges. The 54-year-old faces 19 charges including stalking, intimidation, and assault occasioning bodily harm, with his next court hearing scheduled for May 31. Slater denied all allegations against him.

During his court appearance, Slater wore prison greens and collapsed to the floor when his bail application was denied. He has been in police custody since his arrest over the weekend, and has denied all accusations made against him by the complainant. Slater, known for his cricket career, played 74 Tests and 42 ODIs for Australia between 1993 and 2001, scoring over 5,000 runs.

The charges against Slater range from alleged offences between December 5, 2023, and April 12, 2024, with the most severe being choking or strangulation. Despite the serious charges, Slater continues to maintain his innocence. His collapse in court following the denial of his bail application has gained widespread attention, with the former cricketer now awaiting his next court hearing to contest the charges levied against him.


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