NSE CEO: Indian Economy Shows Resilience with Strong Fundamentals in Stock Exchanges

The National Stock Exchange (NSE) MD and CEO Ashish Kumar Chauhan stated that the ongoing geo-political situation in the Middle East will not significantly impact the Indian economy. He highlighted India’s ability to manage global headwinds effectively in the past.

Chauhan emphasized that India’s strong fundamentals and resilience in managing external pressures will help mitigate any potential economic impacts from the Middle East conflict. He noted that only if the situation worsens between Iran and Israel, a major impact can be seen.

The tension in the Middle East often affects oil prices, and since India heavily relies on oil imports from the region, any fluctuations could have economic repercussions. However, Chauhan mentioned that India’s service exports, remittances, and foreign exchange reserves are in a healthy state, aiding in managing trade deficits effectively.

The CEO pointed out that India successfully navigated economic challenges during the Russia-Ukraine war and highlighted the country’s economic resilience. Despite the fluctuation in the stock market with both Sensex and Nifty 50 falling more than 1% on Monday, Chauhan remains optimistic about the overall stability of the Indian economy.


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