‘Shrimad Ramayan’ celebrates the special bond between Lord Ram and Hanuman in honor of ‘Ram Navami’

Mumbai, April 16 (IANS) – Audiences will witness the enduring themes of loyalty and friendship in a special one-hour episode of the epic saga ‘Shrimad Ramayan’ on the occasion of ‘Ram Navami’. Lord Ram’s faith in Lord Hanuman to find proof of Mata Sita’s abduction to Lanka showcases their deep bond of loyalty and friendship.

Sujay Reu, who plays Lord Ram, shared his perspective on ‘Ram Navami’, stating: “Lord Hanuman’s unwavering dedication towards Lord Ram and his commitment to bring back proof of Sita’s whereabouts isn’t just a task but a symbol of enduring belief in doing what’s right.” He emphasized that even the toughest trials can be overcome with faith and determination, with Lord Hanuman serving as a guiding light.

“In a one-hour special episode on Ram Navami, viewers will witness Lord Hanuman departing with the ring in search of Mata Sita,” Reu added. The episode, airing on April 17 at 9 p.m. on Sony, will capture Lord Hanuman’s trials and tribulations as he strives to reach Lanka and deliver the ring to Mata Sita.

The episode promises to showcase the unwavering bond between Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman, highlighting the importance of loyalty and friendship in the face of challenges. Viewers can expect to witness a compelling narrative that reinforces the enduring belief in righteousness and justice, as demonstrated by the iconic characters of the epic saga ‘Shrimad Ramayan’.


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