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Study Reveals Covid-19 Induced Thrombosis In The Lungs Remain High Even Six Months After Cure



The COVID-19 pandemic may be waning across the nation, but the risks associated with the virus infections remain unusually high. One such aftereffect of the infection is an increased risk of blood clots, especially in the legs and the pulmonary tissue, even six months after the incidence of the infection.

As per a report published in the British Medical Journal, the risk of deep vein thrombosis in the leg remains high even three months after the COVID-19 infection. The risk of thrombosis in the lungs remains high even six months after the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 infection. These were researchers’ findings from Umea University in Sweden and were published in BMJ. The risks remain high even when the person has suffered from a minor infection or has seen no symptoms of the disease.

Thrombosis Can Lead To Gangerene And Even Amputation

Deep Vein Thrombosis can happen in the leg in deep-seated issues. The clot can cause a severe hindrance in the blood flow and can lead to severe complications like gangrene and even amputation. The more severe form of thrombosis can occur in the pulmonary tissues, leading to loss of lung functions and may necessitate the need for ventilator support.


Patients with co-morbidities who have survived the COVID-19 infection carry a risk of complications for three to six months post-infection. The risks are higher in patients who suffered the COVID-19 illness in the first wave than persons in the second and the third wave of infection.

The experts have concluded that the study results highlight the importance of supportive measures to prevent thrombotic events, especially for high-risk patients. Experts also suggest the importance of vaccination and the administration of booster doses in the elderly and patients with co-morbidities.


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